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Portuguese MotoGP 2022 TV Channels, Live Stream Details, Schedule, Prize Money, Ticket Booking Details, All You Need To Know

MotoGP is a professional motor car racing tournament that is contested in different parts of the globe each year.  Portugal GP is the upcoming contest of the regular racing schedule which is all set to host the 5th round of MotoGP the race which was held in Austin. The race which was conducted in Austin was full of twists and turns right from the beginning go the race.

The Portuguese MotoGP 2022 is all set to floor on 22nd April 2022 with all the practice matches which are going to be held at different times. All the matches will be shown live on channels and websites too. So here we have the details of the game here, Portuguese MotoGP 2022 TV Channels, Live Stream Details, Schedule, Prize Money, Ticket Booking Details, All You Need To Know.

What is the Schedule of the Portuguese MotoGP 2022 Race?

here we have the entire fixture along with the timings of the upcoming Portuguese race which will begin on Friday, 22nd April 2022 with all the practice matches to end on 23rd April, Saturday. The main race will be on 24th April 2022.

Practice 122-04-2022
Practice 222-04-2022
Practice 323-04-2022
Practice 423-04-2022
Qualifying 123-04-2022
Qualifying 223-04-2022

What is the TV channel list for the Portuguese MotoGP 2022?

Since the race is going to be held in Portugal, the fans overseas may not be able to make time to watch it live from the track, so here we have the entire list of the channels that will be broadcasting the coverage of the race at different places around the world.

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  • Sub-Saharan Africa – SuperSport / Canal+


  • Argentina: ESPN+
  • Brazil: Fox Sports
  • Canada: DAZN


  • China: Star Sports / Guangdong Television 
  • India: Eurosport
  • Indonesia: Trans 7
  • Japan: G+/Hulu
  • Malaysia and Singapore: Fox Sports
  • South Korea: Star Sports
  • Thailand: PPTV


  • France: Canal+
  • Germany and Austria: ServusTV/DAZN
  • Hungary: Spiler TV
  • Italy: Sky Sport
  • Netherlands: Eurosport
  • Portugal: Sport TV
  • Spain: DAZN
  • UK: BT Sport


  • Australia: Fox Sports
  • New Zealand: Spark Sport (new for 2021)

How to Buy Tickets?

At this point, most of the best seats and the stands of the Portuguese MotoGP tickets have been sold out. The match is going to be tomorrow and the tickets go on sale much earlier. However, we can provide you with basic information about the tickets. There are different categories of tickets.

Here are different tickets that may be available to you, you can check them out here.

Grandstands – Solverde 1 day€85 £70
Grandstands – Sagres 1 day€100 £83
Grandstands – Sul (South) 1 day€110 £91
Grandstands – Portimao 2 1 day€120 £100
Grandstands – Portimao 1 day€130 £108
Grandstands – Lagos 1 day€140 £116
Grandstands – West (Oeste) 1 day€60 £50
Grandstands – Main Grandstand Lower 1 day€190 £158
Grandstands – Main Grandstand Upper 1 day€215 £178
Grandstands – Solverde 3 days€90 £75
Grandstands – Sagres 3 days€105 £87
Grandstands – Sul (South) 3 days€115 £95
Grandstands – Portimao 2 3 days€125 £104
Grandstands – Portimao 3 days€140 £116
Grandstands – Lagos 3 days€145 £120
Grandstands – West (Oeste) 3 days€65 £54
Grandstands – Main Grandstand Lower 3 days€200 £166
Grandstands – Main Grandstand Upper 3 days€240 £199
Moto2 Team – Standard 3 days€1690 £1402
Moto2 Team – Platinum 3 days€2365 £1962
Moto3 Team – Standard Kaito Toba€995 £825
Moto3 Team – Standard VisionTrack€995 £825
Moto3 Team – Platinum Kaito Toba€1195 £991
Gresini MotoGP – Platinum 3 days€3350 

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