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Monday, November 28, 2022
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India vs. Spain live stream from the FIH Pro League: Pathak rises to the occasion to give the hosts the shootout bonus

It was Krishan Bahadur Pathak who helped India defeat Spain. The Indian goalkeeper was viewing the ball like a football, Vinayak noted midway through the game. The defense did Pathak no favors at all, despite the fact that he was by far India’s top player.

India was indisciplined today and played much of the second half with 10 men at multiple points. Jugraj, especially, was given a torrid time. Harmanpreet Singh continued his love affair with the Pro League scoring his fourth and fifth goals of this season.

India finished the four-match mini-tournament with eight points after scoring 15 goals, but concerningly, they also gave up 12 goals.

India in the shootout 2(3)-2(1) Takes a bow, Krishan Bahadur Pathak, from Spain! India wins the match 3-1 in the penalty shootout as he makes yet another great save!

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Spain wins the shootout 2(3)–1(1) over India thanks to a goal from Gerard Clapes! Then, Abhishek enters the game and defeats Garin to give India a 3-1 lead.

India won in the shootout, 2(2)-2. (0) Shamsher Singh appeared to have made it 3-0 for India in Spain, but Garin reviewed. It has been determined from numerous angles that the ball struck Shamsher’s back stick, and India is still ahead 2-0.

India won in the shootout, 2(2)-2. (0) Spain: Pathak pulls off another save! This time, he simply maintains his position and swipes his stick to seize the ball.

India won in the shootout, 2(2)-2. (0) Save for Spain by Pathak! The Indian did fantastic glove work! After that, Raj Kumar Pal dribbles past Garin to increase India’s lead.

India 2(1)-2 in the penalty shootout (0) Spain: The first person to take it is Harmanpreet. Rushing out, Garin fouls the Indian captain. From the penalty spot, Harmanpreet scores without error.

Vinayak: Spain lost the shootout last night versus New Zealand, but they enter this one with the advantage. Last night, it was the other way around.

India 2-2 Spain: With 28 seconds remaining, Spain receives yet another computer. With about 15 seconds left, India fights it off but gives up another PC. That ought to be it after Miralles sends it wide. Punishments are what we’ll use.

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