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Who is best football player of all time?

Football is a worldwide sport which is enjoyed by all the age groups, across the globe. Over the years the sport has gained its status in India as well. There are many young adults who want to pursue football as their career. To be a footballer isn’t easy, it requires rigorous training and you have a follow certain conduct. There are many league which are played under this sport.

Football has become diverse now, their are tournaments which are taking place for boys and girls under the age of 19 on a look for new talents. Women are also given the opportunity in this sport. As we speak about football, the players are the essence pf the sport. The sportsmen have gained a lot of support and love from their fans. To maintain such rapport with the audience one must ensure that they keep on training and do not loose their form. So here we present to you the best football player of all time.

Who is the best Footballer, all you need to know?

As we know that with the current scenarios to name just one person as the best is not easy. there are many footballers who have excelled individually in their respective roles, such as as a goal keeper, as forward or as a front-back. Some have also been given special recognition depending on the performance which was showcased.

Currently, on the basis of recent performances Lionel Messi is given the spot as the best football player of all time. One must take a note that the list keeps on changing depending on the changing formats and the performance of the players, the entries and exits. Messi is a player from Argentina who has earned the Ballon d’Or six times and the Golden Shoe six times. His achievements include, 35 major trophies for Barcelona, including four UEFA Champions Leagues, seven Copa del Reys, and 10 La Ligas.

Brazilian football players pose on April 28, 1963 at Colombes before the match France vs Brazil. Brazilian champion Pelé smiles kneeling behind the board.
The Brazil team : Gilmar, Djalma Santos, Eduardo, Roberto Dias, Altair, Zito, Gerson, Marcos, Nei, Pelé, Pepe, Aymoré Moreira. – The Brazilian team, double world champion, played for the first time in France and
Pele scored all 3 goals for his team which wins the match 3-2. (Photo by – / AFP)

Pele- world’s greatest football player of all time.

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No matter how many time we change the list of the current football players ranking, we cannot leave behind the man himself, Pele who introduced to us the importance of the sport. He was a former Brazilian professional footballer, who began his career in 1953 playing as a forward. He was given the recognition as the all-time top scorers of the FIFA World Cup.

In the year 1999, the International Olympic Committee named Pele, Athlete of the Century. He is one of the few players who has a Guinness World Record. Countless awards, titles, Pele had gained himself the respect and love not only by his fellow countrymen but also people watch9ng him play on the field. He has earned titles like, the FIFA World Cup Golden Ball, the Ballon d’Or Prix d’Honneur, and the South American Footballer of the Year. In all he has played 1279 games and in total scored 1363 goals.


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