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Who has scored the most international penalties in football?

Football is a sport that every individual likes to watch. Aggression and tactics both can be experienced in this particular game. Football has certain rules where the player has to score or defend the goal under those conditions and rules. Breaking a rule may lead to sending the player outside the playing arena. Currently, Cristiano Ronaldo leads most international penalty scored in his career.

Penalty or shoot is allowed when the player when one of the team had fouled a player inside of golkey area while defending the goal for the team. One of the important chances to score a goal against the fouled team. Were they just have to face the goalkeeper of the team and make a goal for their team.

Most international Match penalty scorers

Take a look at top penalty takers for international matches and the number of penalties scored by them.

Sr No.Name Penalty scored
1Cristiano Ronaldo114
2Lionel Messi75
3Francesco Totti75
4Zlatan Ibrahimovic64
5Frank Lampard50
6Edinson Cavani48
7Steven Gerrard46
8Alessandro Del Piero44
10Sergio Agüero41

Cristiano Ronaldo has scored about 114 penalties in his career of international matches. Single footballer of 21st century to score more than 100 penalties in his career. Followed by the most skilled player of the football leagues whether national or international this player never forgets to shine in his matches Lionel Messi had scored about 75 goals in penalty and has a high probability of scoring in a penalty shootout.

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Francesco Totti and Ibrahimovic had scored more than 50 penalties in their overall career. The god of penalties Matt Le Tissier had got about 47 chances in his whole career to score them out which he was successful for about 46 penalty shoots. Therefore he has the highest probability of scoring a goal with a probability of up to 99.8% in penalty. His name is not mentioned in the list as the list contains a current leading list of penalty takers.

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