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Wednesday, December 7, 2022
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Manchester United removes Cristiano Ronaldo from their mural 

We are all not strangers to the drama that has been going on with the world’s superstar Cristiano Ronaldo and Erik ten Hag. Rather than focusing on winning the Premier League, which Arsenal is currently doing flawlessly, the team’s management is enhancing the drama even further. 

This mural removal is apparently a comeback against Ronaldo’s claims of the club betraying him. Furthermore, according to the DailyMail, it appears that Ten Hag and his squad is apparently “tired” of Ronaldo pointing out the flaws of the team. 

Furthermore, when his daughter fell sick last year and could not entirely attend matches, the club allegedly penalised him for it. He has also accused the Glazers of not caring about the club, to which most Manchester United fans can agree upon. 

Apparently, all of the “No.7” players were taken down as well. It was not just Ronaldo that was affected but also David Beckham, Bryan Robson and Ella Toone. The interviewer Piers Morgan, who gave the famous Portuguese player the platform to speak, commented “So Pretty!” on the removal of the mural. 

David Beckham
Image of David Beckham, from Wikipedia.
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Rumours of United sacking Ronaldo are up and about. However, Ronaldo has another trick up his sleeve as he has been allegedly talking to Bayern Munich for a new position. 

Fans remarks about Ronaldo’s mural removal 

His fans came to the rescue as they claimed that he was doing well last year, giving the club more goals and performing his best. However, speculations are that Ten Hag wants to show his power over the world renown player and it has ended badly. 

Another fan commented that Manchester United is seen disrespecting the Greatest Of All Time (G.O.A.T) referring to Ronaldo. They further stated that if the club was smart enough to use him as a marketing strategy, they would have benefited more. 

Erik ten Hag
Image of Erik ten Hag, from Wikipedia.

“Disgraceful of United, all of this because Ronaldo spoke the truth,” said a fan. However, there are fans that disagree with the superstar and stated that he will be remembered for the “wrong” reasons due to him talking about them in the media. 

On Twitter, the post received mixed reviews from fans as they stated that the number seven poster was taken down in general and it’s no way a direct jab towards Ronaldo. Other fans responded by saying that the timing is extremely convenient.  

Naysayers claim that he has too big of an ego and that’s why he’s receiving backlash. Ronaldo fans are saying quite the contrary. They are saying that he is now bigger than the club itself. That is a subjective opinion though. 

Manchester United’s remarks about the murals 

The club claimed that the mural removal is just a pure coincidence as it was meant to be replaced with a newer one for a different tournament. Apparently there will be new branding for the Rugby League World Cup. 

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