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Friday, September 29, 2023
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Top Premier League managers currently out of work

Looking back at this season, most managers are under immense pressure more than ever. According to the Daily Mail, maintaining the managerial position of a club on the continent is relatively simpler when compared to those of the UK. 

Since the start of this season, there were three major changes in managers for the Premier League clubs and there were two firings. Thomas Tuchel had to leave Chelsea and the managers of other major teams should be frightened for their positions. 

Mauricio Pochettino, the former Tottenham manager is allegedly a good prospect for Nice, after Lucien Favre is being faced with criticism. Ligue 1 has not been too kind to Nice and Lucien Favre, and he has faced criticism for it. 

Here are the top 5 out of work managers who had done an impressive job during their time of day managing major football clubs: 

  1. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer
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Since Ole Gunnar departed Manchester United last November, he has not been offered any new positions as a manager. Many still question his three seasons managing United, regardless of what is said of him, he did manage to get the team to the second place in the 2020-2021 season of the Premier League. 

Unfortunately, the Europa League final is where Manchester United lost to Villarreal on penalties. His performance greatly reduced within the last few months of his position in the club and he couldn’t improve faster than what the owners of the club were expecting. 

  1. Frank de Boer 

De Boer started his career as a footballer, earning 112 caps for the Netherlands. He also played for Barcelona and Ajax. He won four league titles with Ajax within his five seasons with the team. During this time he was at the height of his management career. 

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Sadly, this trend maintained until 2014, after that his managerial skills appeared to decline. He stayed as the manager for Inter Milan for a measly three months. He then had a short stint at Crystal Palace before losing his job as he lost all his league matches while managing them. 

He has won a few US championships and still has an impressive resume, it is unclear when will he return to the Premier League but with the instability of clubs retaining their managers, we may see him returning one day. 

3. Marcelo Bielsa

Marcelo, the Argentinian manager has been managing football clubs for three and a half decades. He had his time with Marseille and Athletic Bilbao. Back in 2004, he coached Argentina to win the Olympic gold medal. 

During his work at Leeds United, football supporters then only realised his actual qualities in football and started to appreciate him more then. Unfortunately for him, his age is one of the factors on why he is still available. He’s currently 67 years old and it is unclear if he would be willing to take up another job anytime soon.  

  1. Thomas Tuchel 
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Thomas Tuchel, the greatest tragedy of the current Premier League season. He guided Chelsea to win the Champions League in the first few months of managing them. Many were shocked and upset that he was told to leave the Blues this month. He had also won the Super Cup with Chelsea. 

Just after a few weeks in the current campaign, the new club owners decided to let him go. This was after Chelsea finished third in the league and also after their loss at the FA Cup against Liverpool. He is currently 49 years old and has an impressive background, it is sure that another fortunate club will snatch him up soon. 

  1. Zindine Zidane 
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Last but not least on this list, Zindine Zidane. He was a household name as a football player and has been an excellent manager. He has never been sacked from any clubs but has left the clubs under his own decisions and terms. It appears that he is currently waiting to lead France in the World Cup. 

At only 50 years old, he has won the World Cup while being a footballer and is currently considering whether to lead Les Bleus. He should be expecting numerous offers from all the European clubs if the current World Cup manager, Didier Deschamps is still leading France in this current World Cup. 


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