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Tuesday, May 30, 2023
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Thomas Tuchel charged by FA over comments on Anthony Taylor

After making comments about Anthony Taylor’s referee judgement and accusing him of unjust treatment, Thomas Tuchel has been charged by the FA. According to many Premier League fans whether Chelsea supporters or not, they can blatantly see Taylor’s biases against the blues. 

The Chelsea manager has been charged with improper behaviour. All of this because of a tie between Chelsea and Tottenham. Antonio Conte and Tuchel had a heated argument on the day which led Tuchel to accuse Mike Dean and Taylor of having misjudged the game. 

On one hand, Dean admitted to his errors where they ignored claims of Cristian Romero, a Tottenham player, pulling the hair of Marc Cucurella, Chelsea’s defender. He should’ve informed Taylor to look deeper into this situation. 

“It is alleged that the manager’s comments in his post-match press conference constitute improper conduct… they imply bias and/or question the integrity of the match referee, and/or bring the game into disrepute,” stated the English Football Association. 

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On Twitter, netizens were not too happy with the FA’s decision on charging Tuchel as it was clear what Taylor’s intentions were. It was stated that Tuchel broke the rule E3 when he made comments about Taylor. Users commented that regardless, the referee still managed to walk free after making bad decisions. 

Others mentioned that we live in an unfortunate time where lies are encouraged more and truth tellers are punished. This statement applies to the world outside of sports mainly, it is surprising that this is even the case in the Premier League. 

Netizens further mentioned that Taylor and Dean should be charged for fixing the game. Fans were discussing how ridiculous it is for Tuchel to be charged over such a small issue, where in the end one out of the two referees did admit to fault thus giving Tuchel the upper hand. 

However, Tuchel himself has not been a stranger when it comes to misconducts as back in the 2021 season of the Premier League, Martin Atkinson issued a yellow card to the Chelsea manager. This was due to Tuchel disputing Timo Werner’s goal and the fact that the referee’s decision was challenged by him. 

Later in October 2021, Tuchel was allowed to return to the field and helped Chelsea defeat Southampton by 3-1. During the match Tuchel mocked Atkinson by making gestures that he needed glasses to judge the game correctly. 

Furthermore, in November of last year, the blues manager went against Manchester United by protesting the fact that Cristiano Ronaldo was still let to continue play after being obviously offside during the game. Regardless, the two had a tie and Tuchel again, was given another booking. 




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