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Friday, March 24, 2023
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Son Heung-Min Partially In the World Cup? 

Remember when Son Heung-Min had his unfortunate eye-socket injury and doctors did not want to confirm if he could represent his nation, South Korea in this year’s World Cup. However, reports from the Korea Times states that with or without Son, the cup needs to go on. 

There were reports of Tottenham’s Son wearing a mask covering his injury while training for the World Cup. The whole of South Korea is anticipating to see him play against other countries during the cup. 

Son’s remarks regarding the situation

Son then publicly stated, “I am not a doctor. It’s difficult for me to say when I can play.” 

He then added, “I will do the best I can under the circumstances. But it’s tough for me to say right now that I will play every game.” 

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“From fans’ perspective, I may be pushing this too far. But football players always compete under such risks,” Son stated. 

“I just want to give our fans joy and hope. I am more than willing to bear those risks.”

Fans response about Son’s situation 

Earlier this month, he announced that he will in fact be joining the World Cup even though his injuries are still quite recent. Ghana fans were worried with the fact that he is joining, as he may not be as much as a rising star when compared to Ronaldo, but he does have great skills under his belt. 

Overall, fans are happy that he is joining. The amount of support he has received has been positive news. A stark contrast to other players as most would often criticise them even after they’re injured. 

Here is a picture of him in his recovery mask. A fan stated that he looked like Batman’s assistant, Robin. He does look like a superhero, especially when it comes to an important event like the FIFA World Cup. 

There were criticisms of other footballers under the tweet, some were saying that he is better than Liverpool’s Mo Salah. Others reminisced about the time when Son scored for South Korea against Germany in the first round. 

Unfortunately for an Asian player, there will always be someone that would spout out racist nonsense. A hater commented that he will now look different because “they” as in Asians, all look the same. Fans called the hater out for being racist. 

Son is apparently a BTS fan 

Furthermore, it was reported that he likes the Korean male singer group, BTS. It is unusual for a footballer to talk about K-pop, but he is probably a different kind of player. Furthermore, fans found it charming and touching that he would support his countrymen regardless of their occupation. 

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