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Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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Sky Sports rivalling Netflix for docu-series 

The rumours are that Sky Sports, the American sports website, is planning on competing with Netflix. They are doing so by producing a documentary on the Premier League in lieu of Drive to Survive, a Netflix Formula 1 documentary. 

Those responsible for the F1 documentary and the Premier League will be in talks with each other soon. They are scheduled to meet up in the next few days with regards to discussing a new behind the scenes documentary. 

Sky is reported to be interested in producing the documentary. Box-to-box might be selected to document the whole thing. They have been the production firm for Amazon documentaries Make us Dream about Steven Gerrard. The production firm has spoken to 20 clubs in the Premier League about this. 

Now with Sky in the running for a documentary about the biggest sport in the world, which would definitely eat in Netflix’s market share. Currently, Netflix is on the path of decline where they had lost 200,000 customers in the first quarter of 2022. They are anticipating losing 2 million users and are desperate to regain their market share. 

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The 25-year-old business has struggled to maintain their audience, and also struggled to renew multiple shows that are under them. However, they have rebranded themselves well with numerous documentary series. Regardless of that, their shares have dropped by a whopping 67%. 

Furthermore, Netflix has lost 1 million subscribers in the second quarter of 2022. This would be advantageous for Sky to join in the streaming game in order to gain more market share in the sports segment. It was thought that the massive growth to F1 is largely thanks to Netflix’s Drive to Survive. Interest in the sport has increased by 40% since the debut of the docu-series. 

However, Sky still insisted that their coverage towards the sport was the main factor towards the growth. Premier League teams are now the target of Amazon Primes for individual documentaries for each respective team. Rumours are that Manchester City, Tottenhamn, and Arsenal will be a part of the All of Nothing series. 

The Premier League as it currently is has 3.2 billion viewers between 2019-2020 alone. It would be hard to imagine how much more popular the sport can get with documentary streaming shows about the matches and teams. The Premier League is also known as one of the most popular sports matches in the world. 

There have been some documentaries made about the Premier League, but a new format done by SkySports may give it a different feel. Brandon Rigg, the head of programming and original documentaries at Netflix stated that, tennis, golf, F1 have gotten more views and interests after their documentaries went live. 


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