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Friday, September 30, 2022
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Premier League Referee Salaries 2022 (Revealed)

Premier League is one of the most widely watched football leagues in the world. It has been very popular among the youngsters as well as the adults. Football has over the years grown to be a global sport that was once played only in western Europe. When on the field the most powerful person is the referee who gives the call for every move of the player as well as the start and end of the match.

Being a referee means having a keen eye on the game from start to finish and it’s not easy. After the introduction of new rules in the Premier league annual meeting held in August, the job of a referee just got tougher. Premier League referees are categorized under the banner of Professional Game Match Officials Limited (PGMOL). So take a look at the details of the Premier League Referee Salaries 2022.

Premier League Referee Salaries 2022

The more experienced referees are in tier 1 who earn a base salary of around £50,000-a-year plus £2000 fee (per match). On average Premier League, top referees officiate 20 to 32 games which means they can clear around £100,000 to £120,000 a year.

RoleMatch FeeSalary (Annual)
Video Referees£850£30,000
Assistant Referees£850£30,000

Premier League Contract Holders Referees

The richest referee of the Premiere League is Mike Dean. He is a 53-year-old professional referee who earns a total of £200,000 per year. He has been officiating Premier League since 2000. However, he is not the only one who earns that much money. Michael Oliver and Martin Atkinson also take home £200,000 per year for their troubles. So take a look at the rest of the referees and their salaries.

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Here is an entire list of the referees and their salaries.

Martin Atkinson£50,00032 Matches (£64,000)£114,000
Michael Oliver£50,00032 Matches (£64,000)£114,000
Anthony Taylor£50,00032 Matches (£64,000)£114,000
Mike Dean£50,00027 Matches (£54,000)£104,000
Chris Kavanagh£50,00026 Matches (£52,000)£102,000
Kevin Friend£50,00025 Matches (£50,000)£100,000
Jonathan Moss£50,00025 Matches (£50,000)£100,000
Paul Tierney£50,00025 Matches (£50,000)£100,000
Andre Marriner£50,00024 Matches (£48,000)£98,000
Craig Pawson£50,00023 Matches (£46,000)£96,000
Stuart Attwell£50,00021 Matches (£42,000)£92,000
Graham Scott£50,00019 Matches (£38,000)£88,000
David Coote£50,00016 Matches (£32,000)£82,000
Lee Mason£50,00016 Matches (£32,000)£82,000
Peter Bankes£50,00011 Matches (£22,000)£72,000
Simon Hooper£50,00011 Matches (£22,000)£72,000
Andy Madley£50,00011 Matches (£22,000)£72,000

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