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Tuesday, May 30, 2023
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Premier League maintains Anthony Taylor as referee but not for Chelsea match

As we know, Thomas Tuchel is angered by Anthony Taylor’s decision on penalizing Chelsea.  While Tuchel claims that Taylor has given free passes to Tottenham in their recent match at Stamford Bridge. 

According to reports, Chelsea players were surprised when they had two calls against them forcing them to salvage only one point from the match. Some speculated that Kai Havertz was seen to be fouled by the opposing team during the first equalizer, which led to the heated discussion between Conte and Tuchel.

As stated yesterday, Chelsea received 80,000 signatures for a petition against Taylor, however that has now increased to 140,000 signatures. Unfortunately for Chelsea, the Premier League is not backing down from their support for Taylor.  

It wasn’t just Tuchel that was vocal about the whole situation, Thiago Silva and Reece James also joined in criticizing the referee. 

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Reece James had this to say, ‘I think we should have won the game.’ He then added, ‘There were two arguable goals for them. I think the referees and the fourth official need to look back on them. It’s frustrating for us when you deserve to win the game.

Twitter had an interesting debate about this situation, as a picture of Silva was posted showing a sign to Taylor during the match.

Chelsea fans of course went wild with the picture while also accusing the English FA of possibly having something to do with this if Taylor continues on officiating for Chelsea. 

A fan of the Blues went on tweeting tweets against Taylor stating that he hates him, while other Twitter users who aren’t fans of Chelsea told him that he can only blame his midfielder trying to play like Ronaldiho.

https://twitter.com/UTDTrey/status/1558861249026441222?s=20&t=yVMlDrqyxpj3y0V3Imu0qQ ​​

Others still agree on not wanting Taylor officiating more Chelsea matches due to the fouls from Tottenham not being given. 

Adding to this whole situation, Ben Foster who’s a former goalkeeper for the Premier League club Watford, slams Taylor for the decision that went against Chelsea that is Tottenham’s second equalizer which got more attention on social media.

Foster is still adamant with his views of disputing on the results. It was said that Taylor and the Video Assistant Referee, did not change the results as it agreed with the higher up’s decision. 


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