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Premier League 2022 Prize Money, Everything you need to know

Premier League is a football tournament that is ongoing for the current season, featuring the top 20 football teams. This is going to be the 30th season and the 123rd season of the English football contest. The entire schedule for the football tournament was released by the officials last year on 16th June 2021. The tournament began in the month of August last year.

Premier League is in its final stages of the season with the final to be held on 22nd May 2022. Soon there is going to be the next season which is scheduled to begin in August this year, however, there will be a mid-season break for the FIFA World Cup 2022 which will conclude in December. So let’s have a look at the details of the game here, Premier League 2022 Prize Money, Everything you need to know.

Premier League 2022 Prize Money

As we know that there are going to be 20 teams that will be competing in this season of Premier League 2022. The top 17 teams are from the previous year’s top scorers and the three teams are from the EFL Championship. This is the top-level English football tournament that is currently being held. The English Premier League consists of one of the biggest prize money among the other five European leagues.

The interesting thing about Premier League is the distribution of the prize money. The officials here decide to distribute the revenue generated by the international broadcasters amongst all the 20 clubs of the league. They make sure that everyone receives an equal share, which is then used by the clubs to pay off the players who have different contracts.

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Premier League 2022 Prize Money Distribution Everything you need to know

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As there are still some games that are left to play, about 18 matches are still yet to be played by the teams. This means that the prize money distribution for this season of League is still not announced by the officials. However, we do know how the distribution is going to take place. The prize money is accumulated and distributed into five categories which are

  1. Equal share, 50% financial revenue – shared equally.
  2. The 25% share is based on the number of matches telecasted in the UK.
  3. Merit Share-More 25% bonus share paid to club based on positions in the league table.
  4. International tv rights
  5. Commercial revenue

What was the Prize money for the 2019-2020 Premier League?

Here we have the table that explains the distribution of the prize money for each team last year. So check it out now.

RANKCLUBSEqual ShareFacilitiesMerit ShareInternational tv rightsCommercial revenueOverall Prize Money
2Manchester City£34m£30m£36m£43m£5m£148m
3Manchester United£34m£35m£34m£43m£5m£151m
 5Leicester City£34m£20m£30m£43m£5m£132m
9Sheffield United£34m£14m£23m£43m£5m£119m
14Crystal Palace£34m£15m£13m£43m £5m£110m
16West Ham Utd£34m£20m£10m£43m £5m£112m
17Aston Villa£34m£15m£8.5m£43m£5m£105.5m
20Norwich City£34m£12m£2.5m£43m£5m£96.5m
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