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Tuesday, March 28, 2023
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Potter confronts fresh difficulties as Jorginho berates Mykhaylo Mudryk

Graham Potter now faces new issues following Chelsea’s contentious acquisition of Mykhaylo Mudryk. The team’s dazzling new player, who cost them £87 million, is now proving whether or not he was worth the investment. He still needs some time to get used to Chelsea’s style of play, which could take some time.

Chelsea secured a hard-fought 0-0 draw against Liverpool at Anfield on Sunday, but the highlight of the match was the impressive performance of their newest signing. The 22-year-old player, who joined the team during the winter transfer window, came on as a second-half substitute and immediately made an impact.

A top highlight of the game was his skillful move inside the Liverpool box, which showcased his offensive capabilities. Despite not having played in a competitive match since November, the player quickly made an impact and silenced any doubts about his defensive abilities.

Image of Jorginho, from Wikipedia.

However, the match was not without incident as Jorginho, Chelsea’s midfield maestro, was seen shouting at the new player and demanding that he pick up a loose ball. Despite the tension, the new player remained composed and helped Chelsea secure a crucial point.

Fans weigh in on Mudryk’s skills and performance

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An Arsenal fan recently shared a match video, claiming that Trossard, a Belgian player on the Arsenal team, is superior to Mudryk, a new player at Chelsea. This assertion, however, has been met with criticism from other football fans, as Arsenal is currently leading the Premier League and the supporter is criticising a player who has recently joined Chelsea.

Image of Mudryk from his personal Instagram page.

On the other hand, Chelsea fans remain confident in Mudryk’s abilities and predict that he will soon score a hat-trick against Arsenal. Additionally, the supporter’s comment on Trossard’s skills, specifically his backward dribble, has sparked debate. While some argue that it should not be highly praised, it is still considered a challenging manoeuvre to master.

The tweets show that Chelsea supporters are wholeheartedly backing Mudryk, recognizing his potential as a player and feeling proud to have him on their team. Additionally, it is a common view that some Arsenal fans may be excessively fixated on Mudryk, which has led to criticism from Chelsea supporters.

Potter’s Upcoming Challenge

Potter faces a crucial period in terms of managing the squad. He must carefully monitor the contracts of key players such as N’Golo Kante and Jorginho, as well as consider how their situations may impact the rest of the team.

Maintaining a cohesive team dynamic is essential for success in future matches, and avoiding conflicts like Jorginho’s outburst towards Mudryk is crucial. Another significant decision that Potter must make is what to do with Mason Mount. With only 18 months remaining on the midfielder’s contract, if an agreement cannot be reached, Liverpool is likely to pursue him.

Additionally, Declan Rice, who is also in the final 18 months of his contract, is predicted to leave in the summer to generate revenue for West Ham. Chelsea would ideally like to retain both Rice and Mount, but it is becoming increasingly unlikely.

While it is unlikely, it is not impossible for Chelsea to secure Premier League victories this season. Currently, they stand at tenth place on the league table with 29 points, significantly behind Arsenal’s lead of 50 points. However, as the saying goes, in football, anything can happen.

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