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Tuesday, March 28, 2023
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Neymar labelled “worst footballer in history” 

Neymar scored an incredible goal against Croatia for Brazil, but this did not prevent his nation from being eliminated from the Fifa World Cup in December of last year and now, his problems are growing worse as he is being dubbed the worst footballer in history.

After Paris Saint-Germain lost 1-0 to Rennes on Sunday, things got worse for the Brazilian star. Of course, the French media criticised the team’s star player Neymar for his involvement, or better yet, the lack of involvement in the humiliating defeat. 

Even though PSG started all three of its stars, Lionel Messi, Kylian Mbappe, and Neymar, in attack against Rennes, they were unable to score or secure any points against Rennes. As a result, they are currently only one point clear of Lens in second place in Ligue 1.

Rennes is considered a feeder club in the Ligue 1 and is a dark horse that missed the Champions League last season and is currently 5th in the league while PSG is still sitting tight on the number one spot.

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After his unsatisfactory performance in the match, the Brazilian attacker was singled out by L’Equipe, and the media questioned if he had lived up to expectations at PSG. In 22 games this season, Neymar has tallied 15 goals and 13 assists, but he hasn’t been able to regain his previous form since the World Cup break.

Prior to suffering an injury while representing Brazil at the 2022 World Cup, Neymar had an amazing start to the 2022–23 season. 

He was dismissed against Strasbourg on December 28 and has yet to recover. Due to Chateauroux, the Brazilian star sat out the encounter against Lens as well as the Coupe de France.

Now, journalist Daniel Riolo didn’t think twice to call the Ligue 1 team’s acquisition of Neymar from Barcelona a failure.

Riolo then stated, “Do we realise that Neymar, in terms of transfer and salary, is the biggest failure in the history of football?”

Fans react towards Neymar’s bashing 


A French fan tweeted that others should stop bashing Neymar on his recent struggles as he has helped PSG enter the finals in the Champions League. The fan added that he is a unique player and is providing his club a unique opportunity in having a player like him. 

However, there were a number of PSG fans who vehemently disagree with the original poster by saying that he has disrespected the club for years now. They added by saying that Neymar is mostly absent for the games and training and are baffled that some fans are giving him another chance. 

Another fan stated that his fans claim that there’s more to come for his involvement in PSG, but they are still waiting for the “best.” This particular fan has stated some profanities in describing Neymar, and asked what technical gestures has Neymar ever brought for the team.

“Sometimes it’s better to leave players like him behind,” said a Twitter fan. The same fan added that when the playing gets bad, it is actually bad regardless of who’s the player. A non professional player would not contribute to the team as much as they think they would. 

There appears to be negative sentiment all over the place about Neymar. French fans appear to be fed up with the Brazilian as he has been underperforming for his club. Furthermore, the French do not hold back on their disapproval of a player. 

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