New Super Cup may see Champions League winners compete against American teams


The hyper commercialisation of sports will be taken onto another step as American teams will be invited to compete against Champions League winners. This will be a redesigned Super Cup that Uefa is in talks of creating, allegedly. Serious discussions are in place to replace the current Super Cup with a four-team season-opening competition. 

The Champions League, the Europa League and the Europa Conference League champions will join in this competition. The United States has seen high consideration to be a key development market for European football. Another possibility is to add the champions of the host nation in the match as the fourth team.  

As far as is known, there have not yet been any serious discussions on holding Champions League matches outside of Europe. The Super Cup will be replaced by an opening competition starting in 2024, and this proposal is gaining traction as a way to increase revenue for both the competing teams and European football as a whole by drawing in a new audience with a focus on attracting more families and female supporters.

According to speculation, all possibilities and outcomes are being looked into to make this a reality. Scheduling games during a weekend festival or getting massive pop stars to play before or during half time, in order to draw interest from Americans.

Arguments were made that other sports, including the NFL, have played regular-season games in London, and have done so successfully. Further discussions are scheduled to occur during the General Assembly of the European Club Association in Istanbul on Thursday and Friday. The organisation is eager to promote an innovative spirit.

Netizens on Twitter also commented on this, and many European football fans are not happy about it. Some claimed that this is done to ensure that American teams are the winners in a European competition. Many are also not happy that MLS winners could also join in the competition. 

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There are accusations against the Uefa with statements such as ‘money makes them confused’ and questions arose on why African teams are also not included in this new proposal. Speculations that Todd Boehly’s statement sparked an interest in this has also risen by the netizens on Twitter. 


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