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Thursday, December 8, 2022
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Liverpool wins 9-0 against Bournemouth 

After the embarrassing 2-1 loss against Manchester United last week, Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool was being under scrutiny. However, now Klopp has gotten his team in order after this weekend’s 9-0 beating of Bournemouth. 

They defeated Bournemouth, which is said to be the largest winning record in Premier League history. Luis Diaz and Roberto Firmino both scored twice for them to win, Fabio Carvalho, Trent Alexander-Arnold, Virgil van Dijk and Harvey Elliot scored for the team as well. 


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According to ESPN’s Twitter, they casually stated that this is the biggest win in Premier League history with a 9-0 score. However, a user replied showing that Manchester United had the same 9-0 score against Southampton all the way back in February 2021. 

The Premier League site corroborated with the user’s statement as Manchester United did in fact score another 9-0 just last season. Others were stunned to hear that Salah, one of Liverpool’s more popular players, did not score a single score during the match. 

Furthermore, back in 1989, Liverpool beat Crystal Palace 9-0 in another league match. They then won the title. However, Liverpool’s manager is still weary of winning the championship but is still proud of his team for winning their first three points in one match this season. 

After winning, Klopp stated that ‘We had to prove a point for ourselves.’ He then added, ‘After a short pre-season with mixed results, good performances, less good performances, then having an absolute highlight (beating Manchester City) and then dropping, I know how it sounds when you lose a game.

‘We showed things which we are strong at and other things we had to improve. We just have to give the game a proper direction and that is why I love the start so much that we didn’t hesitate, went into the game flying and had bodies in the box, around the box, second balls and go again.’

‘In the end, we could bring on the kids who deserve it and rotate. It was the perfect football afternoon for us and a lot of different goalscorers, wonderful goals and we all know we needed something like that,’ stated Liverpool’s manager. 

Now after having their first victory of the season, Jurgen Klopp will have to prepare his team for a match against Newcastle United. 


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