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Thursday, December 8, 2022
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Liverpool wanted to sign Matheus Nunes despite him allegedly joining Wolves 

While the ongoing rumours of Matheus Nunes moving to Wolverhampton Wanderers, it is said that Liverpool is also making a bid for the midfielder. The bold move of Nunes joining Wolves has angered Liverpool fans as they have been eyeing him for quite some time.

One of the reasons why Liverpool isn’t grabbing him is due to the cost, which as stated earlier is pretty high. It exceeds the amount their management is willing to buy a new player for. Coach Klopp has however mentioned that he will be perfectly fine with other players. 

It is reported that it will cost Wolves £42 million to buy Nunes, which shows the level of his ability. He has helped play an important part in Sporting Lisbon’s success recently. They won both the league and cup in Portugal.

The rumours started since then, especially when he became more renowned as the European clubs are hungry for new blood on the field. Unfortunately no offers have officially been made yet which would make him drift further towards Wolves. 

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One of Liverpool’s current problems is with the midfield and fans are calling for more players to be added there.

Jamie Carragher, a defender who played for Liverpool having a 17 year career with them publicly told them to only add new players when the time is right. 

The former Liverpool defender said in the press “Liverpool’s first-choice midfield – and the one that played at Fulham – is getting towards the 30-age mark. “You think a younger and more energetic player at some stage is needed, they’ve got those players there in reserve but they’re all injured. I would only want Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool to do that if they get the midfielder they want. 

“Liverpool’s success in the transfer market has been down to not panicking, it’s not what they’ve done in the past, it’s not what they’re doing now and it can’t be what they do in the future. If there’s no midfielder they want out there, don’t get him. But if they feel there’s one who has that quality and is available, I would like them to do it of course. But don’t panic.”

On the other hand, Elliott is proven to be Jurgen Klopp’s favourite. After his injury sustained at Leeds, his growth in playing was cut short. 

Furthermore, according to reports, Liverpool is at the same time interested in giving their players more shine than pursuing a deal for a new player. This has contributed to their delays in trying to sign on Nunes.  


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