Lionel Messi beating Cristiano Ronaldo in accomplishments 


There has not been an official rivalry among the two football legends Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. Probably the only thing the two have in common would be that they’re household names and that they are playing for well respected clubs in the football realm. 

On Wednesday, Messi and Ronaldo were tied for the most teams scored against in Champions League history. Ronaldo has always gotten more goals than Messi, however in light of the recent scores, Messi is currently leading Ronaldo in a specific category. 

Messi scored against Maccabi Haifa, an Isreali team. They have officially become the 39th team to burn a goal against the Argentinian legend. Their name has officially been added to the teams that have been scored against by Messi in the European tournament. 

It was Messi’s 126th goal and for total goals scored, Cristiano Ronaldo is still far ahead of the Argentinian. Ronaldo currently has 140 goals in the championship, and while Manchester United is not in the Champions League, Messi has the chance to catch up with Ronaldo’s score. 

Messi’s background of winning the Ballon d’Or seven times in the past decade, he brought Paris Saint-Germaine back in the game after a scary decline in the first half. 

Kylian Mbappe delivered a cross in the 37th minute of the game. Fortunately for the opponent, they deflected the ball. Messi quickly took advantage of the situation when it was out in the open and scored against Maccabi Haifa. Giving the teams a 1-1 score. 

In the end, the match against the Israeli team concluded with a 3-1 victory for PSG. Messi now has beaten Ronaldo with the most goals scored against different clubs. Ronaldo has done that 38 times, Messi now has 39 under his belt. 

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Thomas Muller, who is a German forward had shown his opinions with the Ronaldo and Messi situation. “I go for Ronaldo,” Muller told the news. “Against Messi I have a good statistic, against Ronaldo, not that good.”

That said, regardless of Messi’s better track record in terms of Ballon d’Or awards, Muller still chose Ronaldo as the winner. Why did he decide as such? It was due to their performances against him, and that was the determining factor in his analysis. 


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