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Friday, September 29, 2023
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Jose Mourinho posts funny Insta stories after being banned

Jose Mourinho, the current manager for Roma, sat out in a bus near the San Siro. He recorded himself watching Roma play against Inter Milan. He is currently serving a touchline suspension for a game that happened last Saturday. 

Mourinho, who is 59-years-old, had given his club’s supporters a number of funny updates on Roma’s 2-1 victory. Federico Dimarco, the player for Inter Milan gave his team the lead but goals from Mourinho’s players Paulo Dybala and Chris Smalling (an ex-Manchester United player) gave Roma the crucial three points needed to win. 

Unfortunately for Mourinho, with the recent red card that was given to him, he was unable to attend the match physically. 

The Roma manager was dismissed for running onto the field during a 1-0 loss against Atalanta during a time out. Mourinho, who used to manage Chelsea, Manchester United and Tottenham was forced to sit in a bus parked at some parking lot and observed closely on the bus’ television. 

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Mourinho’s team, fortunately, still managed to recover after falling behind in the league and went on to earn their sixth league winnings in the Serie A. 

Inter, led by Simone Inzaghi, has suffered four losses in their first eight games and will look to turn things around when they play Barcelona in the Champions League on Tuesday night.

The funny snaps have been posted on Twitter by a possible fan account which shows Mourinho commenting on the game in Italian. There were a few stories that were evidently screen recorded by a fan who meant to share it on social media to gain traction. 

Fans were happy that he is doing well now and that Roma is a good team for him to manage. Others commented that Mourinho is a type of manager that is defined by the club that he is managing. If there is no club supporting him, he would most definitely be lost. Ironically, regardless of the negative comments, it is his job to belong to a team. 

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However, the criticisms were at a minimum as most football fans love him. “You can never hate Jose. The love is forever!” “Impossible to hate him, he is unique!” Some fans are recommending that Maurinho try acting once he retires from managing football clubs. 

Prior to the match between Roma and Inter Milan, Claudio Ranieri, the former Roma manager, talked to the press regarding his friendship with Mourinho. “He’s now a great friend of mine.”

“I will never forget when Leicester fired me, he went to a press conference with the initials CR stamped on his jacket. He told the reporters that I had written the greatest story of all time.”

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“Now, as Roma manager, I perceive Mourinho as more introspective and aware of his surroundings and circumstances.”

“He’s perfectly compatible with the Friedkin’s project. He plays to win, his career is filled with extraordinary successes, and yet he knows that at this stage Roma are still a work in progress and there will be obstacles along the way.”

“Mourinho is an incredible motivator, impossible to mimic and duplicate.”

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