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Sunday, January 29, 2023
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Glazers rumoured to put Manchester United up for sale again? 

The recent story of Jim Ratcliffe wanting to buy Manchester United from the Glazers has popped up again. This is after Erik ten Hag is painstakingly placing back the pieces of his team as a whole again after beating Omonia Nicosia in the Europa League

Two stars of United are currently decommissioned as they are injured. This is a concern for Ten Hag as each player is vital towards them winning the league. Now, with the topic of the club’s sale, it appears that the Glazers are not willing to part with United, at least at first. 

Glazers’ asking price for Manchester United 

The club has seen its ups and downs throughout this season, where they were whacked and at the same time are whacking other teams on the field. The Glazers are asking for a ridiculous amount of money for the team, some are speculating that they are wanting to maximise full profits, a very American tradition. 

Manchester United is currently one of the most valuable sports franchises in the world. Real Madrid is the most expensive football club valued at £4.6 billion and Barcelona is second at £4.5 billion. United is valued at £4.1 billion. 

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Now, the ridiculous price that the Glazers set for their beloved club is a whopping £9 billion. It is unclear who would be willing to pay at least a £4.9 billion premium to the club’s current value, unless it is of a sentimental value of course. 

Jim Ratcliffe’s intent to buy the club 

Just recently, Ratcliffe expressed interest in purchasing United. However, the Glazers informed that they were not considering selling the club and aren’t planning to do so any time soon. The sheer irony that now they have placed an asking price of £9 billion. 

Jim Ratcliffe is a lifetime follower of the club. He tried to purchase Chelsea in the past summer, but unfortunately he wasn’t successful as Todd Boehly took ownership of the Blues.  

Ratcliffe claims that Manchester United was his favourite club during his childhood. 

The ball is currently in his court now after the Glazer’s announcement. It is currently unclear if he is willing to part with more money in purchasing the club. As it is, Ratcliffe’s current net worth is £7.8 billion, according to the British press

Fans angry at Glazers 

United fans have always been vocal over their overlords and expressed their desires to have them bought out. There are numerous reasons why they want the Glazers out, namely due to Manchester United not getting the funding they desperately need for new powerful players to join their team. 

The 1958, which is a known United fan group is currently organising a march against the Glazers scheduled for the 16th of October. They have posted a tweet on Twitter calling all United supporters to join their march and have received almost 2,000 retweets. This is mainly due to the Glazers not wanting to sell to a potential buyer (Ratcliffe). 

The comments responding to the march were a mixed bag. Some netizens stated that these marches are not going to hurt the Glazers, it may delay the matches a little but that’s about it. Many are recommending to deter from buying Manchester United tickets, and empty out their sides of the stadium for at least a week to show financial strain to the club and its owners. 

“Desperate times call for desperate measures,” said a netizen. Another recommendation was to target United’s sponsors, potentially calling out for a boycott towards them. There isn’t a single United fan that appears to be happy with the current owners and many English fans are aware that their decision to march will help United fans worldwide. 

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