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Thursday, December 8, 2022
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Final window for Premier League clubs to transfer players

Numerous Premier League clubs are still in the market hunting for new players, however time is not exactly on their side as the transfer window is about to close. Many are still attempting to complete their team.

Most teams such as Manchester United are keen to add new players, meanwhile there are some that want to drop their existing players after finding their suitable replacements. 

Tottenham has been benefiting greatly with this current transfer period as they managed to grab high scores, and as stated recently have scored over 1000 goals joining the ranks of Chelsea and Arsenal. Antonio Conte recently purchased six new players for his team. 

Stated by the press, this is done to solidify Tottenham’s new position on the field, and to increase their chances of winning the title this season. In this current season, Conte has spent over £100 million in purchasing Richarlison, Yves Bissouma and Djed Spence. 

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However, through striking a deal, Conte managed to get Ivan Perisic, Fraser Forster and Clement Lenglet on loan for this season. Regardless of Tottenham already having superb players, their coach still insists on getting more before the transfer period ends. More funds are required to do so. 

Football fans on Twitter are not entirely happy with the whole transfer debacle in general. Some stated that this is possible because of the billionaires pouring money in and its also happening due to the strong competitiveness of the English Premier League.

Some mentioned that the English Clubs managed to spend so much on players while other leagues such as the LaLiga leagues don’t have as much funding. LaLiga fans took to tweeting to mock the English Premier League, listing the achievements of said league while mentioning that the public’s opinion still stays that the EPL is the best.

The transfer period for the league will close on September 1, which is only a few days away. Most major teams have settled their transfers in the past weeks, but teams such as Manchester United and Tottenham are doing their very best to get the players they want right before this deadline. 

On the other extreme end of things, contrasting to Tottenham, Liverpool has been conservative in the sense of player transfers. A report shows that Liverpool’s transfer age is lesser when compared to the other big boys.

It is noted that they are taking a bold decision in not recruiting players as much as Chelsea, Manchester City and United. They are ranked the highest on the list when it comes to transfers, however Liverpool’s rate is as high as Southampton, Leeds United and Brentford. 

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