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FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Tickets Booking Details (Price, Offline, Online Booking Guide)

FIFA 2022 is back again for the fans to cheer and rejoice for their favorite team when they play on the field. There have been so many changes in the team players and the fans have been waiting to watch them play in the new environment. We know that FIFA is the international Football League that is enjoyed by all age groups. The traditional way to watch the matches, in the past few years has changed.

The upcoming edition of the most awaited annual football tournament FIFA 2022 is going to be held in Qatar this year. The tournament begins on 21st November 2022 and gets over on 18th December 2022. before that, there are going to be qualifying matches as per groups. All the information regarding the tickets and the booking is going to be guided by us to you on this page.

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Tickets Booking Details (Price, Offline, Online Booking Guide)

Here we give you the guidance to check out the how-to book tickets for FIFA World Cup matches. The football governing body had announced that the tickets will be given on the basis of First Come, First Serve only. One of the most convenient ways of booking is Online. You just have to choose the match date, seats and the number of seats you want and you can book the tickets for yourself by sitting at home. The payment is also very simple in the case of Online Ticket Booking.

You can refer to the official website of the tournament which is fifi.com to refer the all the details for online booking of the matches.

What is the Price of Tickets? FIFA World Cup 2022

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Here we bring you all the prices of the categories and Categories that people might want to know, The Stages include, Group Stage, Round of 16, Quarter Finals and Finals. The prices here are according to individual tickets. All the prices mentioned below are depending on the fixtures.

Group StageCategory 1Category 2Category 3
Ticket priceQAR 800 ($220)QAR 600 ($165)QAR 250 ($69)
Round of 16Category 1Category 2Category 3
Ticket priceQAR 1000 ($275)QAR 750 ($205)QAR 350 ($96)
Quarter-finalsCategory 1Category 2Category 3
Ticket priceQAR 1550 ($425)QAR 1050 ($288)QAR 750 ($205)
Semi-finalsCategory 1Category 2Category 3
Ticket priceQAR 3480 ($955)QAR 2400 ($660) QAR 1300 ($357)
Third-place playoffsCategory 1Category 2Category 3
Ticket priceQAR 1550 ($425)QAR 1100 ($302)QAR 750 ($205) 
FinalCategory 1Category 2Category 3
Ticket priceQAR 2200 ($605)QAR 3650 ($1002)QAR 2200 ($605)

What are Travel Packages for FIFA World Cup 2022?

FIFA, Qatar Airways, and USA Match Hospitality have provided a very convenient way of watching the matches in Qatar for all the people who live overseas. They have provided different travel packages which range according to the weeks. Here take a look at the packages below that Qatar Airways will be offering. It includes accommodation, flights and matches tickets too.

FIFA and USA Match Hospitality offer different packs than Qatar Airways which do not include accommodation for the finals in Qatar.

  • Support Your Team – Week One and Two (four-game package)  – from $6,590 
  • Early Groups – Week One (three-game package) – from $4,950
  • Later Groups – Week Two (three-game package) – from $4,700
  • Knockouts – Round of 16 (two-game package) – from $3,800
  • Knockouts – Quarterfinals (two-game package) – from $4,050
  • Knockouts – Semifinal and Final (three-game package) – from $7,300
  • Knockouts – Final and third-place game (two-game package) – from $5,600

What are the venues of the match? All you need to know

Since there are going to be 4 locations where the matches are going to be held namely, Doha, Al Wakrah, Al Khor, and Al Rayyan. People will be traveling to and fro to watch the matches of their favorite teams in these locations. There are car rental services also that will be available for them some of them include,

  • Europcar Qatar
  • Al Taif Rent a Car Co
  • United Car Rentals Qatar
  • Oasis Rent a Car
  • Auto Z Car Rental
  • Total Rent a Car
  • Al Saad Rent a Car Co Wll

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