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Sunday, January 29, 2023
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Fans Speculate Manchester City Win Against Arsenal 

Now with the FIFA 2022 World Cup coming straight ahead, the first half of the Premier League is currently being wrapped up. Furthermore, the Champions League has already wrapped up their first half earlier this month and will continue sometime early next year. 

However, the Premier League had their last first half matches going on yesterday. Now, the World Cup is just a week away, and the hype of it is starting to overpower the Champions League, Europa League and the Premier League. 

That does not stop the Premier League fans from bashing one and another. Apparently, in a Facebook fan page, what appears to be a Manchester City fan posting an image comparison of the Real Madrid and Barcelona points vs Manchester City and Arsenal points. 

Erling Haaland
Image of Manchester City’s star, Erling Haaland. From Wikipedia.

They are in the same position as one another, however, it is found out that Real Madrid beat Barcelona in their final match. However, Arsenal did win another match and subsequently increased their points a few days ago. 

Fans input on Arsenal vs Manchester City 

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Gunners fan claim that they will be happy with their club regardless of them winning or losing the matches. They said that they would be happy regardless of Arsenal’s outcome from the Premier League. 

Other fans claimed that Barcelona can make such a manoeuvre due to the fact that it is not their first time doing it. They have experience in doing so, and Real Madrid fans acknowledged the power of Barcelona and their potential for rising from the ashes.  

A random Newcastle fan claimed that their team is going to win the Premier League this season. This remark was met with several funny responses. Unfortunately, a Chelsea fan supports this idea and claims that their team is already ‘dead’ under the leadership of Graham “Harry” Potter. 

Barca fans claimed that they are a lot more consistent when compared to Arsenal. This year is the first in many that Arsenal has been proving themselves to be on top of the Premier League matches. 

Fans further added that they will all have to wait and see after the World Cup has ended, because that’s when the second half of the Premier League will commence. According to the Premier League website, their matches are to resume on the 26th December, just a few days after the end of the World Cup. 

Arsenal breaking records


According to ESPN, Mikel Arteta’s team have made their best start to a league season in the club’s 135-year history, Compliments were given to Mikel Arteta, who has helped the club in their rise, furthermore, as a former player he most definitely understands where his players are coming from. 

Arsenal fans claimed that they had no losses in 2004, but they did not have 37 points within 14 matches. Manchester United fans boasted that their club beat Arsenal 3-1 a few days back, but Arsenal fans claimed that’s nothing to be proud about, especially with the recent drama that has been brewing up in United. 


Bitter fans claimed that Arsenal’s “bubble” will be broken up after the World Cup. This might possibly be due to their players getting injury or fatigue from it. However, responses to that tweet stated that if Arsenal players are affected, most definitely other teams will be affected just as much. However, Arsenal has 10 PL players going to the World Cup.

Currently, they a number of nay-sayers. This is despite them proving themselves to be an excellent team this season. Many are speculating a downfall to happen at the end of this Premier League season. Fortunately, Arsenal fans are keeping their spirits up high. 

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