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Thursday, September 28, 2023
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England players families to pay up £250 per meal for World Cup period

 The World Cup players representing England would have to pay up £250 for their families meal when in Qatar. Family members were consulted before the match against Germany that after calculation, the cost for them to stay there would reach six figures

Prices for accommodation and food in Qatar are extremely high. Some of the families are even considering renting private residences. Homes with a six bedroom could cost up to £350,000 for the duration of the tournament. That would make their prices one of the most expensive in the world for that period. 

Many have made reservations at Qatari hotels or cruise ships. There are some that could be staying in Dubai for the period. 

Prices are increasing heavily for owners to make a quick profit from the World Cup. Currently, there is a severe lack of houses for rent in Qatar and keep in mind that there will be an estimated 1.5 million people that are attending the matches. That said, Qatar is a small country, with an estimated size to be similar to Yorkshire. 

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Reportedly, there are only 175,000 hotel rooms and apartments that are available to visitors in early 2020. That is only 10% of what the estimates of the number of World Cup fans that are attending the games. 

Families of football players are offered six-bedroom villas on The Pearl. The place is the most exclusive location in Qatar. It is available for rent during the World Cup and it has a private pool, close to luxury retailers, exclusive restaurants and has direct access to the water. 

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However, for footballers Eric Dier and Jordan Henderson, they have both stated that they might not send their family members to Qatar. 

Jordan Henderson, who is Liverpool’s team captain, has been on hiatus for recovering from a recent injury. He will be joining the England men’s team during the World Cup break.

He has acknowledged his mixed feelings on sending his family to Qatar as he has faced negative experience in a previous overseas match with the Men’s Euro Final at Wembley and the Men’s Champions League Final in Paris this past May.

“My family and friends have had a couple of experiences over the last couple of years, which has really shocked them and probably put them off going to future games,” Henderson said.

“My wife and kids had to try and get in a side door (at Wembley) which they wouldn’t let them in at the beginning. And they were trapped. She was trying to get the kids away from all the middle of what was happening and eventually I think after about 15-20 minutes, somebody recognised that she was my wife and she was lucky that, because they knew it was me, they let them in quickly.

“But if that person didn’t, I mean, it could have been trouble. My dad was involved a little bit, I think some of the players’ dads, like Harry Maguire’s, was hurt badly.”

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