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Thursday, December 8, 2022
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Yuvraj Singh Criticizes Pooja Vastrakar’s Controversial Run-Out as a “Poor Decision”

During India’s match against Sri Lanka in Match 2 of the Women’s Asia Cup 2022 in Sylhet, Pooja Vastrakar was the subject of a contentious decision by the third umpire.

After driving a ball off-side and attempting to run a couple, the all-rounder was ruled run out by the television umpire. After a well-placed throw by Kavisha Dilhari, wicketkeeper Anushka Sanjeewani attempted to catch the batswoman short of the crease as she was returning for the second.


  • The Sri Lankan team protested Vastrakar’s dismissal during the 20th over.
  • At the conclusion of the 19th over, when Richa Ghosh was dismissed, Vastrakar entered the crease.
  • Before making this determination, the third umpire carefully reviewed the television footage.

What had taken place?

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Pooja Vastrakar was run out during the 20th over of India’s innings, and the Sri Lankan team appealed. The appeal was forwarded to the TV umpire by the field umpire. Fans were disappointed when the third umpire announced the decision.

Query regarding the dismissal of Pooja Vastrakar

When Richa Ghosh was out at the end of the 19th over, Pooja Vastrakar entered the crease. India received a 145/5. Pooja, who is known for making powerful strokes, had the opportunity to play six balls. On the fifth ball, though, she was told to return to the hut.

Before making this judgment, the third umpire carefully reviewed the TV clip multiple times, frame by frame. Vastrakar’s bat is visible inside the crease line in the frame taken right before the bails were taken off the wicket. Although the TV umpire made a different determination, the TV commentator had also pronounced it not out.

This choice appeared to have even startled the Sri Lankan players. The ground umpire used a walkie-talkie to communicate with the TV umpire even though the ruling was displayed on the big screen.

The reaction of Yuvraj Singh to Vastrakar’s run-out on social media was as follows:

Yuvraj Singh, a former Indian all-rounder, tweeted about the decision shortly after it was made. He stated: “The third umpire made such a terrible choice there! It would have been wise to give Pooja Vastrakar the benefit of the doubt!”

Shivani Mishra is the third umpire who ruled Pooja Vastrakar out for running. Shivani, age 49, a native of Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, later joined the Qatar squad. In 11 T20 Internationals and three Women’s T20 Internationals thus far in her career, she has fulfilled her role as an umpire.

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