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Why cricket is so much famous in India?

When we talk about India the first games that come to our mind are cricket and hockey the most famous games played in India. Cricket is much more famous than any other game in India as India had been entering the international and national tournament and many clubs are open that makes people play and enjoy the game. Take a look at why cricket is famous in India. Check Why cricket is so much famous in India?.

Cricket is famous all over the world and also has overall popularity of 3 billion people as per the stats. Which makes it the second most popular game after football overall in the world. Most of the cricket fans belong to India as cricket is been loved in India and is also been played in cities and towns of India. Out of 100 people watching sports in India, 95 people will have a liking for cricket. Questions remain that what makes cricket famous in India.

The answer to this will surely be the league and tournament played in India. India holds its own cricket tournament where the national and international player comes to participate and are been picked up by teams in Mega Auction. The tournament is enjoyed like an annual fest in India. The most popular cricket tournament in India is IPL formally known as the Indian premier league. Take a look at the top format of Cricket tournaments played in India.

1Indian premier league
2Ranji trophy
3Dheodar trophy
4Duleep Trophy
5Vijay Hazar Trophy

These are the top cricket tournament format played in India in each part of the nation. Cricket is also the most played game in India among the residents. The second reason that cricket is famous in India as the tournament is divided into teams where each team represents a state and each state’s residents cheer and support their team which makes it the most popular game in India.

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