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Which game is difficult chess or cricket?

Cricket is a team sport that requires a lot of physical practice on the field. Cricket is a sport that has different roles assigned to each player of the team which includes, Batsman, Bowler, All Rounder and Wicket Keeper. The team is led by a captain, which represents the team on the field and takes a call in the toss. Cricket is a sport that requires stamina, agility, and strength. Indian cricketers undergo vigorous training by coaches in order to play well.

Chess is a board game that is played by a single player. It requires a lot of mental calculation. Chess is India’s most challenging sports game, many people play this as it helps your mind exercise and make choices. There are two sides to the game, Black and White. The person who chooses the white side gets to play their move first. Unlike cricket, Chess can be played by anyone with a basic knowledge of the game.

Difficult Sport: Chess Or Cricket

As we know what these two games are about, it is actually not easy to make a decision on which sport is difficult. Where one is totally based on teamwork, the other is based on the opponent’s tricks. Chess is an indoor sport. it can be played with anyone. Professionally speaking, chess is also conducted on a larger scale, internationally.

Cricket as we all know is a global sport that is played domestically and Internationally. It is an outdoor sport that is dependent on a lot of factors, including the pitch, weather, teams, ongoing situations, etc. However, the catch here is that cricket has a lot of options when it comes to choosing your role in a specific sport.

Chess makes Cricketers perform Better: Chahal

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Yuzvendra Chahal in a media Interview said that chess helps him boost his memory and improves his strategy. Chahal revealed that playing chess has made him notice the opponent team batsman’s moves. Chahal also said the advantage of playing chess as a cricketer is learning to have patience throughout the game.

added that being a spinner, planning to make a move, and waiting for it to work can make the bowler lose patience. However, playing chess regularly has helped him take control over it. The next very important factor of chess is a thoughtful calculation, which might or might not work.

Chess: 15th Century Game

Chess is the oldest form of the game that emerged in the 15th Century. This board game emerged from Southern Europe. In 1886, German Master Johannes Zukertort was rewarded as the first official World Chess Championship. From here on the importance of the game increased and gained popularity amongst many scholars and philosophers.

Cricket: 16th Century Sport

The Cricket originated as a children’s game in the south-eastern counties of England. Later on, the game underwent many changes in the format in which it was played before, in order to become England’s national sport. The first-ever international cricket was played in the year 1844, between the team United States and Canada in Toronto. From here on the craze for the game had begun amongst many youngsters.

Cricket now is one of the most widely watched sport and followed by millions of fans.

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