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The Hundred Schedule 2022 Schedule: Fixtures, Dates, Timings & Teams List

The tournament has a unique format than other cricket matches where a team gets to play about 100 balls each in their innings. This is the shortest format of cricket after the T10 format played in Abu Dabi every year. The details of the same are out now. So take a look at The Hundred Schedule 2022 Schedule: Fixtures, Dates, Timings & Teams List

This format of cricket is played in England also has a base of 3 foreign players allowed in each team and each team here represents a city in England. The base strategy of the tournament is the same as the most popular cricket tournament in India is Indian Premier League. The formats and fixtures are the same except for the unique twist of 100 balls per innings.

The Hundred Schedule 2022 Teams List

Each team in The Hundred Schedule 2022 represents cities in England there is no certain qualification to get qualified in the league. the team should be registered with the team. A total of 8 teams clash in this upcoming tournament of Hundred Schedule 2022. So take a look at The Hundred Schedule 2022 Teams List.

Sr No.Team
1Manchester Originals
2Birmingham Phoenix
3London Spirit
4Northern Superchargers
5Oval Invincible
6Southern Brave
7Trent Rockets
8Welsh Fire

The Hundred Schedule 2022 Schedule: Fixtures, Dates, Timings

The matches are scheduled to take a start from the 3rd of August 2022. So take a look at The Hundred Schedule 2022 Schedule: Fixtures, Dates, Timings.

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August 3 – Southern Brave v Welsh Fire

August 4 – Oval Invincibles v London Spirit

August 5 ­– Manchester Originals v Northern Superchargers

August 6 – Trent Rockets v Birmingham Phoenix

August 7 – Welsh Fire v Oval Invincibles

August 8 – London Spirit v Manchester Originals

August 9 – Northern Superchargers v Trent Rockets

August 10 – Birmingham Phoenix v Southern Brave

August 11 – Oval Invincibles v Northern Superchargers

August 12 – Southern Brave v London Spirit

August 13 – Manchester Originals v Trent Rockets

August 13 – Welsh Fire v Birmingham Phoenix

August 14 – Northern Superchargers v London Spirit

August 15 – Oval Invincibles v Southern Brave

August 15 – Birmingham Phoenix v Trent Rockets

August 16 – Manchester Originals v Welsh Fire

August 17 – Trent Rockets v Oval Invincibles

August 18 – Southern Brave v Manchester Originals

August 19 – Birmingham Phoenix v Northern Superchargers

August 20 – Trent Rockets v London Spirit

August 21 – Northern Superchargers v Manchester Originals

August 22 – Welsh Fire v Southern Brave

August 23 – Oval Invincibles v Birmingham Phoenix

August 24 – London Spirit v Welsh Fire

August 25– Southern Brave v Trent Rockets

August 26 – Welsh Fire v Northern Superchargers

August 27 – London Spirit v Oval Invincibles

August 28 – Birmingham Phoenix v Manchester Originals

August 29 – Trent Rockets v Welsh Fire

August 30 – London Spirit v Birmingham Phoenix

August 31 – Northern Superchargers v Southern Brave

August 31 – Manchester Originals v Oval Invincibles

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