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T20 Blast 2022 Schedule: Time Table, Fixtures, Teams, Timings, Venue & Squads

A Top-level T20 competition or we can say the first T20 cricket tournament to be conducted in England and wales is a Top class tournament and will be taking a kick start for this year from the last weak of May 2022. So have a look at the T20 Blast 2022 Schedule: Time Table, Fixtures, Teams, Timings, Venue & Squads.

This year of T20 Blast will make a name of its own on the internet as many players are been selected across the country for the tournament. All the updates regarding the tournament stats will be available on our Web pages. The line ups of the squad will be disclosed soon as the tournament gets a kick start.

T20 Blast 2022 Teams

This year a total of 18 teams will be participating in the tournaments where they will be divided into two groups that are North and South Groups. The lead performers of the group will be selected for the Qualifiers. So take a look at the North and South Group of T20 Blast 2022.

North Group

1Derbyshire Falcons
2Durham Cricket
3Lancashire Lightning
4Leicestershire Foxes
6Notts Outlaws
7Birmingham Bears
8Worcestershire Rapids
9Yorkshire Vikings
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South Group

1Essex Eagles
4Hampshire Hawks
5Kent Spitfires
7Somerset CCC
8Surrey CCC
9Sussex Sharks

T20 Blast 2022 Schedule: Time Table, Fixtures, Timings & Venue

The Schedule for the tournament is been out on the internet. The matches will kick start on 26th May 2022 and the selected venues are also mentioned below with the local timings of the matches. So have a look at the T20 Blast 2022 Schedule: Time Table, Fixtures, Timings & Venue.

01.May 25th, 202218:30Yorkshire Vikings vs Worcestershire RapidsHeadingley Stadium, Leeds
02.May 25th, 202219:00Kent Spitfires vs Somerset CCCThe Spitfire Ground, Canterbury
03.May 26th, 202216:30Middlesex vs GloucestershireRadlett Cricket Club, Radlett
04.May 26th 202218:30Birmingham Bears vs SteelbacksEdgbaston, Birmingham
05.May 26th 202218:30Leicestershire Foxes vs Durham CricketUptonsteel County Ground, Leicester
06.May 26th 202219:00Sussex Sharks vs GlamorganThe 1st Central County Ground, Hove
07.May 27th 202218:30Gloucestershire vs Sussex SharksThe Seat Unique Stadium, Bristol
08.May 27th 202218:30Lancashire Lightning vs Yorkshire VikingsEmirates Old Trafford, Manchester
09.May 27th 202218:30Surrey CCC vs GlamorganThe Kia Oval, London
10.May 27th 202218:30Steelbacks vs Durham CricketThe County Ground, Northampton
11.May 27th 202218:30Notts Outlaws vs Worcestershire RapidsTrent Bridge, Nottingham
12.May 27th 202219:00Hampshire Hawks vs MiddlesexThe Ageas Bowl, Southampton
13.May 27th 202219:00Kent Spitfires vs Essex EaglesThe Spitfire Ground, Canterbury
14.May 27th 202219:00Derbyshire Falcons vs Birmingham BearsThe Incora County Ground, Derby
15.May 28th 202214:30Leicestershire Foxes vs Derbyshire FalconsUptonsteel County Ground, Leicester
16.May 29th 202214:30Birmingham Bears vs Durham CricketEdgbaston, Birmingham
17.May 29th 202214:30Lancashire Lightning vs Worcestershire RapidsEmirates Old Trafford, Manchester
18.May 29th 202214:30Middlesex vs GlamorganRadlett Cricket Club, Radlett
19.May 29th 202214:30Sussex Sharks vs Kent SpitfiresThe 1st Central County Ground, Hove
20.May 29th 202216:00Somerset CCC vs Essex EaglesThe Cooper Associates Ground, Taunton
21.May 29th 202215:00Yorkshire Vikings vs Leicestershire FoxesHeadingley Stadium, Leeds
22.May 29th 202215:00Notts Outlaws vs SteelbacksTrent Bridge, Nottingham
23.May 30th 202219:00Hampshire Hawks vs Somerset CCCThe Ageas Bowl, Southampton
24.May 31st 202218:30Yorkshire Vikings vs Derbyshire FalconsHeadingley Stadium, Leeds
25.May 31st 202218:30Surrey CCC vs GloucestershireThe Kia Oval, London
26.May 31st 202218:30Notts Outlaws vs Lancashire LightningTrent Bridge, Nottingham
27.May 31st 202219:00Essex Eagles vs Hampshire HawksThe Cloud County Ground, Chelmsford
28.June 1st 202214:30Lancashire Lightning vs Derbyshire FalconsEmirates Old Trafford, Manchester
29.June 1st 202218:30Gloucestershire vs Kent SpitfiresThe Seat Unique Stadium, Bristol
30.June 1st 202218:30Durham Cricket vs Worcestershire RapidsThe Riverside, Chester-le-Street
31.June 1st 202218:30Steelbacks vs Leicestershire FoxesThe County Ground, Northampton
32.June 1st 202218:30Somerset CCC vs Sussex SharksThe Cooper Associates Ground, Taunton
33.June 2nd 202218:30Birmingham Bears vs Leicestershire FoxesEdgbaston, Birmingham
34.June 2nd 202218:30Surrey CCC vs Hampshire HawksThe Kia Oval, London
35.June 2nd 202219:00Glamorgan vs Essex EaglesSophia Gardens, Cardiff
36.June 3rd 202214:30Worcestershire Rapids vs Birmingham BearsNew Road, Worcester
37.June 3rd 202218:30Gloucestershire vs Essex EaglesThe Seat Unique Stadium, Bristol
38.June 3rd 202218:30Lancashire Lightning vs SteelbacksEmirates Old Trafford, Manchester
39June 3rd 202218:30Yorkshire Vikings vs Durham CricketHeadingley Stadium, Leeds
40.June 3rd 202218:30Somerset CCC vs GlamorganThe Cooper Associates Ground, Taunton
41.June 3rd 202219:00Kent Spitfires vs Surrey CCCThe Spitfire Ground, Canterbury
42.June 3rd 202219:00Sussex Sharks vs MiddlesexThe 1st Central County Ground, Hove
43.June 3rd 202219:00Derbyshire Falcons vs Notts OutlawsThe Incora County Ground, Derby
44.June 4th 202219:00Hampshire Hawks vs Sussex SharksThe Ageas Bowl, Southampton
45.June 5th 202214:30Kent Spitfires vs MiddlesexThe Spitfire Ground, Canterbury
46.June 5th 202214:30Birmingham Bears vs Notts OutlawsEdgbaston, Birmingham
47.June 5th 202214:30Durham Cricket vs SteelbacksThe Riverside, Chester-le-Street
48.June 5th 202214:30Worcestershire Rapids vs Leicestershire FoxesNew Road, Worcester
49.June 5th 202214:30Glamorgan vs Surrey CCCSophia Gardens, Cardiff
50.June 6th 202218:30Yorkshire Vikings vs Notts OutlawsHeadingley Stadium, Leeds
51.June 7th 202216:30Middlesex vs Hampshire HawksRadlett Cricket Club, Radlett
52.June 7th 202218:30Glamorgan vs GloucestershireSophia Gardens, Cardiff
53.June 7th 202218:30Steelbacks vs Derbyshire FalconsThe County Ground, Northampton
54.June 7th 202218:30Leicestershire Foxes vs Lancashire LightningUptonsteel County Ground, Leicester
55.June 7th 202219:00Essex Eagles vs Kent SpitfiresThe Cloud County Ground, Chelmsford
56.June 8th 202218:30Durham Cricket vs Birmingham BearsThe Riverside, Chester-le-Street
57.June 8th 202218:30Yorkshire Vikings vs Lancashire LightningHeadingley Stadium, Leeds
58.June 8th 202218:30Surrey CCC vs Sussex SharksThe Kia Oval, London
59.June 9th 202218:15Middlesex vs Surrey CCCLord’s Cricket Ground, London
60.June 9th 202218:30Gloucestershire vs Somerset CCCThe Seat Unique Stadium, Bristol
61.June 9th 202218:30Steelbacks vs Worcestershire RapidsThe County Ground, Northampton
62.June 9th 202219:00Hampshire Hawks vs Essex EaglesThe Ageas Bowl, Southampton
63.June 9th 202219:00Derbyshire Falcons vs Leicestershire FoxesThe Incora County Ground, Derby
64.June 10th 202217:30Worcestershire Rapids vs Derbyshire FalconsNew Road, Worcester
65.June 10th 202218:30Birmingham Bears vs Yorkshire VikingsEdgbaston, Birmingham
66.June 10th 202218:30Durham Cricket vs Lancashire LightningThe Riverside, Chester-le-Street
67.June 10th 202218:30Glamorgan vs Hampshire HawksSophia Gardens, Cardiff
68.June 10th 202218:30Somerset CCC vs Kent SpitfiresThe Cooper Associates Ground, Taunton
69.June 10th 202218:30Leicestershire Foxes vs Notts OutlawsUptonsteel County Ground, Leicester
70.June 10th 202219:00Sussex Sharks vs GloucestershireThe 1st Central County Ground, Hove
71.June 10th 202219:00Essex Eagles vs MiddlesexThe Cloud County Ground, Chelmsford
72.June 17th 202218:30Durham Cricket vs Yorkshire VikingsThe Riverside, Chester-le-Street
73.June 17th 202218:30Surrey CCC vs MiddlesexThe Kia Oval, London
74.June 17th 202218:30Somerset CCC vs GloucestershireThe Cooper Associates Ground, Taunton
75.June 17th 202218:30Steelbacks vs Lancashire LightningThe County Ground, Northampton
76.June 17th 202218:30Notts Outlaws vs Birmingham BearsTrent Bridge, Nottingham
77.June 17th 202218:30Leicestershire Foxes vs Worcestershire RapidsUptonsteel County Ground, Leicester
78.June 17th 202219:00Hampshire Hawks vs Kent SpitfiresThe Ageas Bowl, Southampton
79.June 17th 202219:00Essex Eagles vs Sussex SharksThe Cloud County Ground, Chelmsford
80.June 18th 202214:30Derbyshire Falcons vs Yorkshire VikingsThe Incora County Ground, Derby
81.June 18th 202214:30Worcestershire Rapids vs SteelbacksNew Road, Worcester
82.June 18th 202218:30Gloucestershire vs GlamorganThe Seat Unique Stadium, Bristol
83.June 19th 202214:30Hampshire Hawks vs Surrey CCCThe Ageas Bowl, Southampton
84.June 19th 202214:30Birmingham Bears vs Derbyshire FalconsEdgbaston, Birmingham
85.June 19th 202214:30Durham Cricket vs Leicestershire FoxesThe Riverside, Chester-le-Street
86.June 19th 202214:30Middlesex vs Kent SpitfiresLord’s Cricket Ground, London
87.June 19th 202214:30Glamorgan vs Sussex SharksSophia Gardens, Cardiff
88.June 19th 202214:30Lancashire Lightning vs Notts OutlawsStanley Park, Blackpool
89.June 19th 202214:30Essex Eagles vs Somerset CCCThe Cloud County Ground, Chelmsford
90.June 21st 202218:30Surrey CCC vs Somerset CCCThe Kia Oval, London
91.June 21st 202218:30Glamorgan vs MiddlesexSophia Gardens, Cardiff
92.June 21st 202218:30Notts Outlaws vs Leicestershire FoxesTrent Bridge, Nottingham
93.June 21st 202219:00Kent Spitfires vs GloucestershireThe Spitfire Ground, Canterbury
94.June 21st 202219:00Derbyshire Falcons vs SteelbacksThe Incora County Ground, Derby
95.June 22nd 202218:30Steelbacks vs Birmingham BearsThe County Ground, Northampton
96.June 23rd 202217:30Worcestershire Rapids vs Yorkshire VikingsNew Road, Worcester
97.June 23rd 202217:30Lancashire Lightning vs Durham CricketStanley Park, Blackpool
98.June 23rd 202218:15Middlesex vs Essex EaglesLord’s Cricket Ground, London
99.June 23rd 202218:30Notts Outlaws vs Derbyshire FalconsTrent Bridge, Nottingham
100.June 23rd 202219:00Somerset CCC vs Hampshire HawksThe Cooper Associates Ground, Taunton
101.June 23rd 202219:00Sussex Sharks vs Surrey CCCThe 1st Central County Ground, Hove
102.June 24th 202218:30Gloucestershire vs Hampshire HawksThe Seat Unique Stadium, Bristol
103.June 24th 202218:30Durham Cricket vs Notts OutlawsThe Riverside, Chester-le-Street
104.June 24th 202218:30Glamorgan vs Somerset CCCSophia Gardens, Cardiff
105.June 24th 202218:30Steelbacks vs Yorkshire VikingsThe County Ground, Northampton
106.June 24th 202219:00Birmingham Bears vs Worcestershire RapidsEdgbaston, Birmingham
107.June 24th 202219:00Kent Spitfires vs Sussex SharksThe Spitfire Ground, Canterbury
108.June 24th 202219:00Essex Eagles vs Surrey CCCThe Cloud County Ground, Chelmsford
109.June 24th 202219:00Derbyshire Falcons vs Lancashire LightningThe Incora County Ground, Derby
110.July 1st, 202217:30Worcestershire Rapids vs Lancashire LightningNew Road, Worcester
111.July 1st, 202218:15Middlesex vs Somerset CCCLord’s Cricket Ground, London
112.July 1st, 202218:30Yorkshire Vikings vs Birmingham BearsHeadingley Stadium, Leeds
113.July 1st, 202218:30Surrey CCC vs Kent SpitfiresThe Kia Oval, London
114.July 1st, 202218:30Leicestershire Foxes vs SteelbacksUptonsteel County Ground, Leicester
115.July 1st, 202219:00Notts Outlaws vs Durham CricketTrent Bridge, Nottingham
116.July 1st, 202219:00Hampshire Hawks vs GloucestershireThe Ageas Bowl, Southampton
117.July 1st, 202219:00Sussex Sharks vs Essex EaglesThe 1st Central County Ground, Hove
118.July 2nd, 202219:00Essex Eagles vs GlamorganThe Cloud County Ground, Chelmsford
119.July 3rd, 202214:30Gloucestershire vs MiddlesexThe Seat Unique Stadium, Bristol
120.July 3rd, 202214:30Kent Spitfires vs GlamorganThe Spitfire Ground, Canterbury
121.July 3rd, 202214:30Lancashire Lightning vs Birmingham BearsEmirates Old Trafford, Manchester
122.July 3rd, 202214:30Worcestershire Rapids vs Notts OutlawsNew Road, Worcester
123.July 3rd, 202214:30Sussex Sharks vs Hampshire HawksThe 1st Central County Ground, Hove
124.July 3rd, 202214:30Derbyshire Falcons vs Durham CricketThe Incora County Ground, Derby
125.July 3rd, 202214:30Leicestershire Foxes vs Yorkshire VikingsUptonsteel County Ground, Leicester
126.July 3rd, 202219:00Somerset CCC vs Surrey CCCThe Cooper Associates Ground, Taunton
127.July 7th, 202218:30TBC vs TBCTBC
128.July 9th, 202218:30TBC vs TBCTBC
129.July 9th, 202218:30TBC vs TBCTBC
130.July 10th, 202218:30TBC vs TBCTBC
131.July 16th, 202211:00TBC vs TBCEdgbaston, Birmingham
132.July 16th, 202214:30TBC vs TBCEdgbaston, Birmingham
133.July 16th, 202218:45TBC vs TBCEdgbaston, Birmingham

T20 Blast 2022: Squads

The Squads for the team are yet to be announced so stay updated on our page to get the latest updates on T20 Blast 2022: Squads.

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