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MCA T20 Super Series 2022 TV Channels, Live Streaming Details, Schedule All You Need To Know

MCA T20 Super series is a Cricket competition that is taking place in Malaysia. It is a domestic cricket league that consists of 3 participating teams playing. It was first inaugurated in the year 2020. This year marks the 2nd edition of the MCA T20 Super Series. The series is scheduled to begin on 3rd March 2022 in Kuala Lumpur.

The champions of the league are the Northern Strikers, who in their previous edition had dethroned the Warriors with 9 wickets. This year all the three participating teams will be competing for the title again and will be looking forward to winning this year’s edition. So let’s take a look at the details of the game, MCA T20 Super Series 2022 TV Channels, Live Streaming Details, Schedule All You Need To Know.

MCA T20 Super Series 2022 TV Channels, Live Streaming Details

There is no information available on the telecasting rights of the MCA T20 Super Series. The match will be conducted at the Kinrara Academy Oval in Kuala Lumpur. As of now the match only is live-streamed via Fancode in India. If we get any news regarding television channel broadcasting we will update you.

It is known to us by sources that the MCA T20 Super Series 2022 will be streamed live on their official website for all the viewers worldwide. Along with it fans will be able to enjoy the action from all the participating teams by watching it live on Fancode. It is available as an application for the convenience of viewers. All you will have to do is download the app on your device and watch the content live.

Whatis the Schedule of MCA T20 Super Series 2022?

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Here is the entire schedule of MCA T20 Super Series 2022, Phase 1. The schedule includes match dates and timings which is according to IST- Indian Standard Time. So have a look at it now.

March 3, Thursday

Western Warriors vs Strikers, 4:30 PM.

March 4, Friday

Western Warriors vs Hitters, 5:00 PM.

March 5, Saturday

Hitters vs Strikers, 1:30 PM.

March 9, Wednesday

Strikers vs Western Warriors, 4:30 PM.

March 11, Thursday

Hitters vs Strikers, 5:30 PM.

March 12, Friday

Strikers vs Hitters, 1:30 PM.

March 14, Sunday

Strikers vs Western Warriors, 4:30 PM.

March 16, Tuesday

Western Warriors vs Hitters, 5:30 PM.

March 17, Wednesday

Hitters vs Western Warriors, 4:30 PM.

What are teams and Squads of MCA T20 Super Series 2022?

Western Warriors

Amir Azim, Ahmad Zubaidi, Vijay Unni, Ishaq Muzamil, Mohd Nazril Abd Rahman (c), Saleh Shadman, Sidharth Karthik Rajaratham, Akbar Ali, Sachinu Hettige, Muhammad Rifqi Iman Khamis, Rizwan Haider, Sharvin Muniandy, Wahib Zada, Ammar Zuhdi Hazalan (Wk), Wan Muhammad (Wk), Abdul Rashid, Mohammad Afiq, Muhammad Wafiq.


Aidan Savarimuthu, Syahir Syamael Shaari, Ammar Uzair Fikri, Anas Malik, Aimal Khan, Shankar Sathish, Sumit Potbhare, Ainool Hafizs, Fitri Sham, Suharril Fetri, Kevin Perera (Wk), Virandeep Singh (Wk), Anwar Rahman (c), Dhivendran Mogan, Santosh Kumar Nair, Sharveen Surendran, Michael Masih.


Muhammad Khairullah, Ahmad Asby Ahmad, Faiz Anil, Syed Aziz, Thakur Muhammad Faisal, Vishvaruben Kumar, Muhammad Irfan Rana, Norwira Zazmie, Mohammad Haziq Aiman, Muhammad Syahadat Ramil (c), Shivnarin Rajaratnam, Siddharth Neelakantan, Ainool Haqqiem (Wk), Ariff Ullah (Wk), Daniyal Hashmi (Wk), Muhammad Luqman, Pavandeep Singh, Syazrul Ezaz.

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