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Kolkata Cricket Stadium a batting pitch or bowling pitch

Eden Gardens is one of the historical stadiums for an Indian cricket team. Every time the question arises as is it a batting stadium or favors bowlers for the match. The stats state it as a batting stadium as the boundary lines are smaller and are one of the favorite stadium of batters playing for the Indian premier league or international league.

Kolkata Stadium itself states that this is the home stadium of Kolkata knight riders. Kolkata knight riders have a consistent win record in this stadium with a good chaseable target around 200 runs over a T20 format game in the Indian premier league. Eden garden is one of the best cricket stadiums to enhance your batting experience.

Statistical Record of Eden gardens

There is three top formats of international cricket that are test, ODI, and T20I highest runs in this format can focus some light on why Eden gardens are called a paradise for batsmen. Take a look at High scoring matches and the highest runs of the team in a particular format in Eden gardens.

TEST657 (2001)IND v/s AUS
ODI404 (2014)IND v/s SL
T20I201 (2016)BAN v/s PAK
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Now as we had defined why the Eden gardens is been called a paradise for the cricketers. Now also take a look at the lowest runs in the top international format played in Eden gardens.

TEST90 (1983)IND v/s WI
ODI120 (1996)IND v/s SL
T20I70 (2016)BAN v/s NZ

Here the stadium has a history of its own of national and international matches. The stadium held most of the international matches which were held by India. If we consider the stats of 8 matches there is a probability of 0.3 that the first batting team will win the probability of chasing the team is more on the ground. Which particularly states that no runs are enough that cannot be chased on the ground.

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The highest Batting score considering all national and international formats goes to the skipper of Mumbai Indians Rohit Sharma who had scored about 264 runs against Shri Lanka in the year 2014 in the format of ODI. This was an exciting match to watch it still gives goosebumps by performance of Rohit Sharma contributing double century and a half-century to his team in a single inning.

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