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IPL 2022 Players Salaries, Contracts, And Highest-Paid Players All You Need To Know

Indian premier league is all set to come into action once again in India. The mega auction is all set and the players are distributed to each one of them according to their purchase by their peruse value. The 15th league annual tournament of India. So take a look at IPL 2022 Players Salaries, Contracts, And Highest-Paid Players All You Need To Know.

Indian premier league is one of the biggest cricket tournaments which takes place in India. Its and domestic form of the tournament where the format is the same as the T20 cricket tournament but the only change that remains here is the tournament participating teams represent all of the popular states in India. There are two new names on the tournament team list this year that are Ahmadabad and Lucknow.

IPL 2022 Players Salaries & Contracts

The player salaries and contract period work hand in hand. The player salaries of an individual player are decided at the time of purchase in the Mega auction. The contract period is decided by team management and the individual player. For example, if a player has a salary of up to 10 crores with three years of contract then the total salary counted will be 30 crores.

IPL 2022 Players Salaries: Highest-Paid Players

The player salaries of an individual player are solely dependent on the price at which he is purchased. For example, if a player is purchased on 10 crores then the player salary for the whole tournament remains 10 cr depending on their availability in the match. So take a look at the top 10 salaries paid players at the IPL mega auction of the year 2022. Stay updated on the page to get drafts of players selected by each team in the IPL mega auction.

  1. KL Rahul at Lucknow Super Giants-170 million rupees
  2. Virat Kohli at Royal Challengers Bangalore-150m rupees
  3. Ravindra Jadeja at Chennai Super Kings-160m rupees
  4. Rishabh Pant at Delhi Capitals-160m rupees
  5. Rohit Sharma at Mumbai Indians –160m rupees
  6. Ishan Kishan to Mumbai Indians-152.5m rupees
  7. Hardik Pandya at Gujarat Titans-150m rupees
  8. Rashid Khan at Gujarat Titans-150m rupees
  9. Deepak Chahar to Chennai Super Kings-140m rupees
  10. Kane Williamson at Sunrisers Hyderabad –140m rupees

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