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Monday, November 28, 2022
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Indian Cricket Team Restructuring, MS Dhoni

Cricket Twenty20 Director MS Dhoni?

The Indian cricket board is prepared to knock on the door of the individual who dominated the World events at will after repeated failures at ICC competitions.

After the T20 World Cup fiasco in Australia, the BCCI is prepared to send MS Dhoni an SOS for a Huge Role in the Indian T20 Cricket setup. A permanent role for Dhoni in the Indian cricket team is being discussed by the BCCI board, according to sources.

According to a statement by The Telegraph, BCCI believes that Rahul Dravid’s workload managing three formats is too much for him. This is the rationale for BCCI’s consideration of dividing the coaching duties. The board wants to employ Dhoni’s talents to raise the caliber of the Indian cricket team in the T20 FORMAT.

The report states that the subject will be covered at the APEX COUNCIL Meeting later this month.

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Although it was only a temporary position, Dhoni assisted the squad during the T20 World Cup in the UAE in 2021.

Since the team was eliminated in the first round, the engagement for about a week was unable to produce the intended results. The BCCI, however, believes that a bigger and larger involvement would undoubtedly assist the Indian T20 setup.

MS Dhoni Cricket
Image of MS Dhoni, from Wikipedia.

Dhoni, according to the source, plans to give up playing after the IPL tournament in 2019. Following that, the BCCI wants to make the best use of the former Indian captain’s expertise and technical knowledge.

The two-time World Cup champion might be asked to lead the Indian T20 team and work with a specific group of players.

How often does the BCCI APEX Council meet?

It has not yet been decided on a DATE for the APEX Council meeting. The first week of this month, however, will see an actual board meeting, so it seems.

  1. It will be discussed whether to organize a cricket advisory committee.
  2. There will be a discussion regarding the addition of new members to the selection panel.
  3. During the apex council meeting, the issue of split coach positions may be raised.

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