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ICC Under 19 World Cup Winners List, Who Is The Most Successful Team?

The International Cricket Council hosted the Under-19 World cup who have a total of 105 member nation where 12 full members+ of which India is a part and 94 Associate members. Check ICC Under -19 World Cup Winners List, Who Is The Most Successful Team?.

ICC introduces the current Under-19 World Cup in the name od Youth World Cup in 1988. there were only 8 participants at that time but subsequently more nation member joined and the number of participants grew to 16.

since 1988 to 2020 India has secured 4 titles, Australia having 3, Pakistan winning 2 and England, South Africa, West Indies, Banglagesh winning 1 each in different years

ICC Under 19 World Cup Winners List

Teams Total Wins
Australia 3
England 1
India 4
Pakistan 2
South Africa 1
West Indies 1
Bangladesh 1

Which Is The Most Successful Team in ICC Under-19 World Cup ?

India being able to win 4 title of Under-19 World Cup is considered the most successful team as of 2020 but in 2022 the Under-19 is going to be held by West Indies and Australaia is not far behind India, if india Wants to keep the title of most successful team, they have to try harder and win in the 2022 Under-19 World Cup.

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