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County Championship Division Two 2022 TV Channels, Live Streaming Details, Schedule, Squads All You Need To Know

County Championship is the First Class Domestic Cricket tournament organized in England and Wales. Starting in 1890, County Championship is administered by England and Wales Cricket Board. The tournament has teams representing historic counties of England and Wales. Warwickshire is the current champion and Yorkshire is the most successful team. The tournament is contested by 18 teams, 17 from England and 1 from Wales.

The 2022 County Championship will be the 122nd edition of the tournament. The tournament is scheduled to start on 7th April and will continue till 29th September 2022. The tournament will be played in two divisions and will have 18 teams representing various counties. 10 teams will be playing in Division One and 8 in Division Two. Let’s have a look at the County Championship Division Two 2022 TV Channels, Live Streaming Details, Schedule, Squads All You Need To Know.

County Championship Division Two 2022 Schedule

The tournament is all set to start on 7th April 2022 and will continue till 29th September 2022. The tournament will be contested by 18 teams divided into two divisions. 10 in division one and 8 in Division Two. Let’s have a look at the complete schedule of Division Two teams for the 2022 County Championship.

April 7Glamorgan vs Durham3:30 PM Sophia Gardens
April 7Leicestershire vs Worcestershire 3:30 PMGrace Road
April 7Middlesex vs Derbyshire3:30 PMLord’s
April 7Sussex vs Nottinghamshire3:30 PMCounty Ground
April 14Nottinghamshire vs Glamorgan3:30 PMTrent Bridge
April 14Durham vs Leicestershire3:30 PMRiverside Ground
April 14Derbyshire vs Sussex3:30 PMCounty Ground
April 21Durham vs Nottinghamshire3:30 PMRiverside Ground
April 21Glamorgan vs Middlesex3:30 PMSophia Ground
April 21Leicestershire vs Derbyshire3:30 PMGrace Road
April 21Worcestershire vs Sussex3:30 PMNew Road
April 28Sussex vs Durham3:30 PMCounty Ground
April 28Nottinghamshire vs Worcestershire3:30 PMTrent Bridge
April 28Middlesex vs Leicestershire3:30 PMLord’s
April 28Derbyshire vs Glamorgan3:30 PMCounty Ground
May 5Glamorgan vs Leicestershire3:30 PMSophia Gardens
May 5Sussex vs Middlesex3:30 PMCounty Ground
May 5Worcestershire vs Durham3:30 PMNew Road
May 12Middlesex vs Nottinghamshire3:30 PMLord’s
May 12Leicestershire vs Sussex3:30 PMGrace Road
May 12Durham vs Glamorgan3:30 PMRiverside Ground
May 12Derbyshire vs Worcestershire3:30 PMCounty Ground
May 19Middlesex vs Durham3:30 PMLord’s
May 19Nottinghamshire vs Derbyshire3:30 PMTrent Bridge
May 19Worcestershire vs Leicestershire3:30 PMNew Road
June 12Leicestershire vs Nottinghamshire3:30 PMGrace Road
June 12Glamorgan vs Sussex3:30 PMSophia Garden
June 12Durham vs Worcestershire3:30 PMRiverside Ground
June 12Derbyshire vs Middlesex3:30 PMQueens Park
June 26Nottinghamshire vs Middlesex3:30 PMTrent Bridge
June 26Sussex vs Derbyshire3:30 PMCounty Ground
June 26Worcestershire vs Glamorgan3:30 PMNew Road
June 11Sussex vs Leicestershire3:30 PMCounty Ground
June 11Middlesex vs Worcestershire3:30 PMMerchant Taylor’s School Ground
June 11Glamorgan vs Nottinghamshire3:30 PMTBA
June 11Durham vs Derbyshire3:30 PMRiverside Ground
July 19Derbyshire vs Nottinghamshire3:30 PMCounty Ground
July 19Middlesex vs Sussex3:30 PMLord’s
July 20Leicestershire vs Glamorgan3:30 PMGrace Road
July 25Worcestershire vs Derbyshire3:30 PMNew Road
July 25Durban vs Middlesex3:30 PMRiverside Ground
July 26Nottinghanshire vs Sussex3:30 PMTrent Bridge
September 5Derbyshire vs Durham3:30 PMCounty Ground
September 5Glamorgan vs Worcestershire3:30 PMSophia Gardens
September 5Nottinghamshire vs Leicestershire3:30 PMTrent Bridge
September 12 Sussex vs Worcestershire3:30 PMCounty Ground
September 12Middlesex vs Glamorgan3:30 PMLord’s
September 12Leicestershire vs Durham3:30 PMGrace Road
September 20Worcestershire vs Nottinghamshire3:30 PMNew Road
September 20Leicestershire vs Middlesex3:30 PMGrace Road
September 20Glamorgan vs Derbyshire3:30 PMSophia Gardens
September 20Durham vs Sussex3:30 PMRiverside Ground
September 26Derbyshire vs Leicestershire3:30 PMCounty Ground
September 26Nottinghamshire vs Durham3:30 PMTrent Bridge
September 26Sussex vs Glamorgan3:30 PMCounty Ground
September 26Worcestershire vs Middlesex3:30 PMNew Road

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