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County Championship Division One 2022 TV Channels, Live Streaming, Schedule, Details, All You Need To Know

England is one of the two countries to have played the first Test Match. They played a very important role in popularising cricket and teaching them to the whole world. English colonizers were the first players to play this game and teach everyone about it. Love for cricket in this country is very much and tournaments are frequently organized to keep everyone engaged.

Starting in 1890, The County Championship is a first-class domestic cricket tournament played in England and Wales. Administered by the England and Wales Cricket Board, County Championship is played by 18 teams divided into two divisions. The teams are promoted or relegated as per their performances. In 2022, The County Championship will start from 7th April 2022 and will be played till 26th September 2022. The Warwickshire is the current Champion and Yorkshire is the most successful team.

County Championship Division One 2022 TV Channels, Live Streaming Details

The County Championship will start from 7th April 2022 and will be played till 26th September 2022. Matches will be played at various venues in England. Fans who want to watch the live streaming of matches can watch it on the Official site of ECB. They can even download the mobile app of ECB to enjoy the streaming.

County Championship Division One 2022 Schedule

The matches are scheduled to start from 7th April and will go on for 5 months. Below is the complete schedule of the County Championship Division one. The timings are listed in the Indian Standard Time and will be Played in various venues.

7 AprilEssex vs Kent3:30 PM
7 AprilHampshire vs Somerset3:30 PM
7 AprilNorthamptonshire vs Gloucestershire3:30 PM
7 AprilWarwickshire vs Surrey3:30 PM
14 AprilSurrey vs Hampshire3:30 PM
14 AprilSomerset vs Essex3:30 PM
14 AprilKent vs Lancashire3:30 PM
14 AprilGloucestershire vs Yorkshire3:30 PM
21 AprilWarwickshire vs Essex3:30 PM
21 AprilSurrey vs Somerset3:30 PM
21 AprilNorthamptonshire vs Yorkshire3:30 PM
21 AprilLancashire vs Gloucestershire3:30 PM
21 AprilKent vs Hampshire3:30 PM
28 AprilEssex vs Northamptonshire3:30 PM
28 AprilSomerset vs Warwickshire3:30 PM
28 AprilHampshire vs Lancashire3:30 PM
28 AprilSomerset vs Warwickshire3:30 PM
28 AprilYorkshire vs Kent3:30 PM
5 MayEssex vs Yorkshire3:30 PM
5 MayHampshire vs Gloucestershire3:30 PM
5 MayLancashire vs Warwickshire3:30 PM
5 MaySurrey vs Northamptonshire3:30 PM
12 MayGloucestershire vs Somerset3:30 PM
12 MayKent vs Surrey3:30 PM
12 MayWarwickshire vs Northamptonshire3:30 PM
12 MayYorkshire vs Lancashire3:30 PM
19 MayLancashire vs Essex3:30 PM
19 MayNorthamptonshire vs Kent3:30 PM
19 MaySomerset vs Hampshire3:30 PM
19 MayYorkshire vs Warwickshire3:30 PM
12 JuneHampshire vs Yorkshire3:30 PM
12 JuneKent vs Gloucestershire3:30 PM
12 JuneSomerset vs Surrey3:30 PM
12 JuneWarwickshire vs Lancashire3:30 PM
26 JuneEssex vs Hampshire3:30 PM
26 JuneGloucestershire vs Lancashire3:30 PM
26 JuneNorthamptonshire vs Warwickshire3:30 PM
26 JuneSurrey vs Kent 3:30 PM
11 JulyEssex vs Gloucestershire3:30 PM
11 JulyHampshire vs Warwickshire3:30 PM
11 JulyKent vs Northamptonshire3:30 PM
11 JulyLancashire vs Somerset3:30 PM
11 JulyYorkshire vs Surrey3:30 PM
19 JulyGloucestershire vs Hampshire3:30 PM
19 JulyNorthamptonshire vs Lancashire3:30 PM
19 JulySomerset vs Yorkshire3:30 PM
19 JulyWarwickshire vs Kent3:30 PM
19 JulySurrey vs Essex3:30 PM
25 JulyEssex vs Somerset3:30 PM
25 JulyGloucestershire vs Northamptonshire3:30 PM
25 JulyLancashire vs Kent3:30 PM
25 JulySurrey vs Warwickshire3:30 PM
25 JulyYorkshire vs Hampshire3:30 PM
5 SeptemberHampshire vs Northamptonshire3:30 PM
5 SeptemberKent vs Essex3:30 PM
5 SeptemberLancashire vs Yorkshire3:30 PM
5 SeptemberSomerset vs Gloucestershire3:30 PM
12 SeptemberNorthamptonshire vs Surrey3:30 PM
12 SeptemberWarwickshire vs Somerset3:30 PM
12 SeptemberYorkshire vs Essex3:30 PM
20 SeptemberEssex vs Lancashire3:30 PM
20 SeptemberGloucestershire vs Warwickshire3:30 PM
20 SeptemberHampshire vs Kent3:30 PM
20 SeptemberSomerset vs Northamptonshire3:30 PM
20 SeptemberSurrey vs Yorkshire3:30 PM
26 SeptemberKent vs Somerset3:30 PM
26 SeptemberLancashire vs Surrey3:30 PM
26 SeptemberNorthamptonshire vs Essex3:30 PM
26 SeptemberWarwickshire vs Hampshire3:30 PM
26 SeptemberYorkshire vs Gloucestershire3:30 PM

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