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Wednesday, December 7, 2022
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Clarke’s reality check after Pom calls out cricket’s “terrible” issue

The fact that England’s T20 World Cup celebrations would be cut short by the impending ODI series against Australia has led Moeen Ali to call the cricket calendar “awful.” Michael Clarke also had something to say about this.

When England dons its uniform once more to play Australia on Thursday in the first of three ODI matches, it will have been just 72 hours since the team won the World Cup.

In an interview with media prior to the series, Ali complained about the “terrible” scheduling and claimed it was getting harder and harder to keep the same level of effort for each match.

“It has been going on for a time,” according to Ali.

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“It’s terrible to have a game in three days. We want to enjoy, celebrate, and have that [time] together as a group since we put so much effort into it.”

“As players, we’re kind of getting used to it now, but to give 100% all the time when you’re playing every two or three days is challenging.”

Matthew Mott, the head coach, delivered a similar message when he told reporters on Monday that the short turnaround was “not ideal.”

“We must take pleasure in this triumph,” he continued.

There will be no hiding the reality that we will love this because they don’t happen very often. We had a wonderful night last night, and we’ll have a terrific day today.

“We must show up and ensure that we give it our all. For the white-ball team, we play those three games, followed by a lengthy break, so that will be the appropriate time to let loose and have fun.”

Michael Clarke’s response 

Image of Clarke, from Wikipedia.

Former Australian Test captain Michael Clarke gave Ali a reality check while also acknowledging how challenging it will be to mentally and physically prepare for the ODI series.

Nobody would complain, according to Clarke, if they had to play in the T20 World Cup and then fly out to the IPL the following day.

“Players cannot grumble about the international schedule while taking advantage of the chance to play local cricket for franchises and earn money. You would then be as vibrant as a flower. I obviously found that to be very difficult.

Clarke was obviously sympathetic to how challenging it may be as someone who is all too familiar with the rigors of a busy cricket schedule.

“I am aware of how hectic it is,” he remarked.

“I am aware of how busy it is. There is no doubt that traveling the world for 10 months out of the year while feeling like you are playing, training, or spending every day in an airplane is a full-time job.”

“But you do get breaks in your schedule, and when you choose to participate in leagues like the IPL, especially for Australian players, that’s your chance to take a rest. No matter how you feel, you must go play that; you cannot publicly express your displeasure. You won’t prevail in that conflict.”

Pat Cummins, the captain of Australia, confirmed on Tuesday morning that he has made the “tough decision” to forego the Indian Premier League in 2019.

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