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Can bad cricket gloves cause your hand pain?

Choosing the right type of gear and equipment while playing a sport is one of the most important steps. Cricket is a sport which is widely followed all over the world. Many youngsters follow the cricketers and aspire to become one in the future or follow in their footsteps. The sports celebrities also create awareness about the sport and the challenges they have to face in interviews and social media.

Sports are a physical activity that enhances the body’s immunity. All sportsmen must take absolute care when it comes to physical wear and tears. Cricketers have to practice and keep on improving their skills. They have to extra hard work and get things right, which starts with picking the perfect bat, choosing the right gloves, choosing proper shoes, opting for an ideal helmet, and taking good care of this equipment. So let’s take a look at whether bad cricket gloves cause your hand pain.

Choosing wrong gloves causes hand pain

Batsmen, Wicket keeper all must take special attention while buying gloves. The reason for it is that when the bowler spins the ball it travels at a speed of 140kph, so imagine if you do not wear proper gloves it might cause you physical harm and hit your hands. Many think that choosing the right [pair of gloves is child’s play, but in reality, it is not. All professional cricketers think, play, try out each and every glove before they choose the correct one.

How To Choose the Correct Gloves, A proper Guide

here are a few tips and ways while choose the correct form of gloves. It is necessary that you must read the quality of each glove before you make your decision. So take a look now.

1.Select a brand

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Many times we prefer choosing equipment from those brands which our favorite player uses. In reality, there is no difference in the matter of comfort and taking care of your hands. So, the producers or manufacturers are not critical since they all offer the same quality. Hence it is necessary that you choose the correct brand that gives good quality gloves and guarantees it.

2. Side: Right or Left Handed

People get confused while making a choice between the correct form of gloves. the first step is choosing the correct side of your preferred gloves. Whether you will be a right-handed batsman or a left-handed batsman Generally, gloves are labeled as RH for the right-hand batsman and LH for the left-hand batsman. In case it is not mentioned you can always try it out by checking the thumb’s side.

3. Find the right size

The last, but most important thing is choosing the right size. You can never go wrong with the size. Imagine you are in the middle of your match and the gloves slip out of your hand. This will not only distract you from your focus but also might cause you harm. Either way, if the glove is too tight for you, then you won’t be able to concentrate in the match and hence underperform. Choosing the correct size is the most critical thing to keep in mind while picking a new pair of batting gloves.

What kind of Gloves Material should one opt?

Fabric and apparel come in a variety of materials. While buying wicket-keeping gloves one must ensure that the gloves are of soft material. It must not be of irregular material as it might cause itching. One must also avoid low-quality material while selecting the gloves. You must ensure that both the gloves are is of similar shape and material.

You will notice that there are varieties of wicket-keeping gloves, which are made with different kinds of leather, It is so because leather gloves are generally durable and flexible. On top of it, they provide much more toughness and can be used much more rigorously. Here are some pointers that can be useful while choosing the material of the gloves:

  • Go for Gloves made with standard leather are comfortable and durable. However, gloves made of calf leather offer exceptional comfort and feel, but they are not durable.
  • Sheep leather gloves provide comfort and flexibility similar to that of calf leather but are not long lasting.
  • Kangaroo leather is the strongest leather and is soft. Hence, it offers a perfect blend of comfort, flexibility, and durability.
  • Rubber provides great elasticity and water-resistant property.
  • Cotton gloves provide strength, and they are long-lasting.

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