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Top 10 Best Female Boxers In The World 2022

Professional Boxing matches refer to a combat-oriented fight between two individuals who fight in a closed ring, the match will end if either of the participants gets knocked out or if a is a limited round match when all the round ends. For Fitness there are different weight classes and all matches will have a referee to point out foul-play if any. The winner is either decided by the decision by judged points or if the individual knocks out the opponent.

Boxing is one of the most thrilling sports a person can watch. The matches are divided into many weight classes as per the fighter’s weight so it is very difficult to determine who is the best. But here are the top 10 best female boxers in the world as of right now

1. Claressa Shield

Top 10 Best Female Boxers In The World 2022

Full name Claressa Marie Shields is a professional boxer based in American born on 17th March 1995 in Flint, Michigan, United States. Her career as a professional boxer started in the year 2016.

She fought in multiple weight classes which are Light Middle Weight, Middle Weight, Super Middle Weight, and Light Weight category, and won the World Championship title in all categories except in the middleweight. She was also was recognized as the world’s best light middleweight fighter in November 2020. She is also has a record for holding the title of world champion in Pless amount of matches.

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She has a total history of 11 matches in her professional boxing career as of now which she never lost a single one of them. The upcoming match will mark the 12 matches of her boxing career in which she will be defending all of her previously earned titles.

2. Katie Taylor

Top 10 Best Female Boxers In The World 2022

Full mane Katie Tylor is a professional boxed based in Ireland. She was born on 2nd July 1986 in Bray, County, Ireland. She started her career in the Boxing Association that is fought her first boxing match in 2016.

She participate in Lightweight and Light-welterweight category boxing, She won the WBA lightweight champion in 2017, she also IBF champion title in 2018, she also won the title for WBC, WBO, and WBO jr. welterweight in 2019. She has been the undisputed champion of the titles ever since she won them.

She played a total of 20 matches and never lost any of them within which 6 were won by Knock-out and the remaining by decision. She also holds 18 golds and 1 bronze under Women’s Amateur Boxing from 2006 to 2013.

3. Marina Juarez

Top 10 Best Female Boxers In The World 2022

Full Name Maria Anastasia Trejo is a professional boxer Based in Mexico. She was born on 29 January 1980 in Mexico. Her career in boxed started in 1998 in Mexico City, Mexico.

She use to hold the title of WBC female flyweight champion in the year 2011 and 2012 but lost her title of champion to Ava Knight in Oct 2012 in the defending title match. She also held the title of WBC female bantamweight category champion from the year 2017 to 2020 until she was defeated by Yulihan Luna in Oct 2020. She also holds the record of the world’s second-most active female bantamweight boxer.

Till 2021 she fought and participate in 68 matches in her career, she won 54 times- 18 by knock-out and 36 by decision and lost only 10 times- knocked 3 times and by decision 7 times. No upcoming match has been reported.

4. Cecilia Braekhus

Top 10 Best Female Boxers In The World 2022

Full name Cecilia Carmen Linda Braekhus is a Norwegian-based former professional Kick-boxer and currently one of the best professional boxers. She was born on 28 September 1981 in Cartagena, Colombo. Her boxing career started in 2007 against Ksenija Koprek in Switzerland.

Braekhus is one of the only 10 people to hold the World Boxing Association, World Boxing Council, International Boxing Federation, and World Boxing Organisation championship title. She fights in the boxing welterweight category. In 2004 she won a silver medal and in 2005 she won a gold and silver medal in the Female World Amature Boxing championship.

Since the start of her pro boxing career, she has never lost a match except for the last two matches she played against Jessica McCaskill, she fought a total of 38 played and won 36 of them.

5. Jessica Maccaskill

Top 10 Best Female Boxers In The World 2022

Full name Jessica Macaskill is an American-based professional boxer, she was born on September 8 1984 in St. Louis, Missouri, United States. She started her career in August 2015.

She fights in multiple class category which include Lightweight, Light Welterweight, and Welterweight. She holds the title of World Boxing Council female super lightweight champion in 2018-2020, The International Boxing Federation champion since 2020, and became the undisputed champion in both leagues. she was also regarded as the world’s best active female welterweight.

In her professional boxing career, she has only fought a total of 13 matches and won 11 of them, 4 by knockouts and 7 by decision, and lost two by decision.

6. Amanda Serrano

Top 10 Best Female Boxers In The World 2022

She was born on 9th October 1988 in Carolina, Puerto Rico. She debuted in professional boxing in March 2009 against Jackie Trivillino. she is the only female to hold championship titles in more than four weight classes which were also recorded in the Guinness World Record.

she fought matches in multiple weight classes which include Super Flyweight, Bantamweight, super bantamweight, featherweight, Super featherweight, Lightweight, and Light Welterweight category. She is a World Boxing Organisation featherweight champion since 2019, World Boxing Council champion since 2021, International Boxing Federation super featherweight champion in 2011, WBO lightweight champion in 2014, WBO female bantamweight champion in 2017, WBO light welterweight champion in 2018.

In her professional boxing career, she fought a total of 44 matches in much different weight classes in which she has only lost once against Frida Wallberg in 2012 and had a draw once in her early career in 2009 against Ela Nunez.

7. Delfine Persoon

Top 10 Best Female Boxers In The World 2022

She was born on 14th January 1985 in Gits, West Flander, Belgium. Her career as a pro boxer started in May 2008 against Jana Latova by winning the match.

She fights in Super Featherweight and Lightweight category weight class. She won the International Boxing Federation lightweight champion in 2012, she also held the title of World Boxing Council lightweight champion from 2014 till June 2019. In 2020 she was recognized as the world’s best active female super featherweight and second-best active female in Lightweight.

She has fought a total of 48 matches in her entire career as of right now in Dec 2021 and only lost 3 matches out of them.

8. Christian Hammer

Top 10 Best Female Boxers In The World 2022

Born on 16 August 1990 in Nowodolinka, Kazakh SSR, Soviet Union. She is a German-based professional boxer her career debut on September 2009 against Melisa Koktar.

She fights in Light-middleweight, Middleweight, and Super-middleweight category, she has held WBO female middleweight champion title from 2010 to 2019, WBO female super middleweight in 2013, the WBC middleweight champion title from 2016 to 2018. Recognized as the world’s best active female middleweight.

In her whole pro boxing career sh had fought 28 matches and only lost once against Claressa Shields in 2019 and drawn once against Anne Sophie Mathis in 2014.

9. Daniela Bermudez

Top 10 Best Female Boxers In The World 2022

Full name Daniela Romina Bermudez, born on 7 July 1989 in Villa Gobernador Galvez, Santa Fe Province, Argentina, is an Argentine professional boxer who debut in 2010 against Roxana Virginia Baron.

she fought in multiple weight classes Light-flyweight, Flyweight, Super-flyweight, Bantamweight, Super-bantamweight, and Featherweight. She held the title of WBO female Bantamweight champion title in 2013, WBO super-flyweight champion in Jan 2014, WBO female flyweight champion in April 2014.

In her pro boxing career of 36 matches, she won 29 of them and lost 4 and 3 Draws.

10. Yesica Bopp

Top 10 Best Female Boxers In The World 2022

Full name Yesica Yoland Bopp, born on 11 April 1984 in Wilde, Buenos Aires, Argentina, she started her career as a professional Argentine boxer on Jan 2008 against Soledad Macedo.

She fights in the Light flyweight and Flyweight category weight class, sho held the Super WBA light-flyweight champion title since 2020, the Regular WBA light flyweight champion title from 2008-2019, WBO female light flyweight champion from 2009 till 2013, and WBO flyweight champion title 2014.

In her career of 39 matches, she won 37 of them and 2 losses first in 2013 against Jessica Chavez and nest in 2021 against Juliana Vanesa Basualdo.

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