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Thursday, December 1, 2022
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Aussie Jai Opetaia is the new boxing world champion

A big congratulations to Australia.

Now Australia has a new boxing world championship, Jai Opetaia is one of the famous Australian boxers he has also held the IBF and Ringcruise weights in July 2022. In 2017 Jeff Horn he has become the first Australian Championship it was a very proud moment for the entire nation and for him.

It’s exactly five years and Horn said “He has been very excited for him, and I feel like I’m shaking it has brought his memories back after winning the title”

The 27-year-old has chased into the sports with a unanimous decision when the judge scored the match was very much in his favor only 116-112, 115-113, and 116-112. It is also the heaviest weight division in Australia.

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As he was appearing for strength to strength fight in his second round he had to visit the doctor as he has broken his jaw. He also went back to attack batter Briedis, Leaving his Latvian that has cut above his right eye after the opening round.

Mark Wilson who is the trainer of Opetaia said “He got uppercut but he didn’t inform till the end of the game, it was around 11th round when he came to fore and opened it about and I don’t know how he got back but he had more one round to go but he has performed incredible and given all his best.

He further added ‘He is one of the special kids that have good skill and he is very talented he is the very first American to win an amateur world title and world professional title he has more upcoming opportunities in future as this is only the start he will for sure make the world proud of him’

Briedis who had finished strongly in round 12 he has broken his nose that match was very thrilling and exciting as the players were giving so close competition and he was seeking another round of the match

Briedis further said that for the past five days he wasn’t feeling much well because he was sick and it was being a little problem for him”

Whereas on the other side at halfway Opetaia was told about their charge was 6-0. The game was looked by different ways by the Judge as Brides were looking for the positive side and was also enjoying the game in the early rounds of seven.

After having some injuries to face it took some courage and some strength to remain on his feet after each final bell for Opetaia. All the journey of him has been an incredible one he had already made history when he was just 17 years and he was qualified for the London game. He had not only overcome his opponents and played so strong but he has set a good benchmark for the other players.

After getting hurt very much and still making it all-round he has surely created history and will be an inspiration for all upcoming players. That we should not lose hope he won million dollar game and now his net worth has also been increasing, and it will keep on growing in upcoming years.

To become this legendary he has faced many scars and got injury sometimes after getting an injury it might seem difficult and our immune gets a little low which probably is the reason we set in our mind that now nothing can happen. But we have to make our mental health also strong to not remember that injury during the fight and keep on playing to make all the games worthwhile.

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