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Friday, September 29, 2023
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Ray Allen: USA’s basketball ranking at the Olympics will be challenged by LA 2028

The last time the American men’s basketball team experienced a major setback was at the 2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup. Team USA, consisting of NBA players, finished in seventh place, which was the worst result in the history of the tournament for the United States. The team faced challenges with player availability, as several notable NBA stars chose not to participate in the competition. Despite the disappointing outcome, the setback served as a catalyst for reevaluating the team’s approach and recommitting to success in future international competitions.

LA 2028: The Ultimate Test for USA’s Olympic Basketball Dominance, Says Ray Allen

Nearly 20 years ago, in Athens, the American men’s basketball team last failed to take home a gold medal. However, considering current NBA trends, two-time champion Ray Allen thinks that American dominance would be put to a lot of test in the forthcoming editions.

According to Allen, who was in India for the NBA Academy India’s basketball clinics, journalists in Mumbai. “I guarantee you that by 2028, it’s going to be stiffer for the Americans to say that we’re the best country in the world at basketball. If you look at the leagues in Europe, there are a lot of kids coming up that are going to be way better than American players. Which is a great thing for the sport,” an article on indianexpress.com reported. 

  1. France has proven to be a formidable opponent for the USA in international basketball.
  2. In the FIBA World Cup quarterfinals in 2019, France handed the USA a loss, marking a significant upset.
  3. At the Tokyo Olympics, France once again surprised the USA with a strong performance in the early stages of the tournament.
  4. Despite the challenges, the USA managed to secure a victory against France in the gold medal game, maintaining their overall dominance in Olympic basketball.
  5. The emergence of France as a competitive rival has added an extra layer of excitement and competitiveness to future matchups between the two teams.
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The Rise in International Players in American League

The American League now has more players from other countries than before. 120 international players from 40 different nations were listed on the 30 teams’ opening-night rosters, according to an NBA announcement at the beginning of the current season. In addition to five players each from Nigeria, Serbia, and Spain, there were nine French and six German players present.

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Hall of Farmer “Look at the top 10 best players in the league. Around 75 percent are not born in the USA. That speaks volumes of how international the game has become. It also tells kids in America that you have got to work on your skills because players around the world are starting to play good basketball. That is reflected in world competitions like the Olympics”.

USA basketball at the Olympics is a showcase of dominance, skill, and excellence on the global stage. As one of the most successful basketball nations, the United States consistently assembles a star-studded roster of NBA players to compete against the world’s best teams. With a rich history of success and a reputation for producing top-tier basketball talent, Team USA brings an unparalleled level of competitiveness and athleticism to the Olympic Games. Fans eagerly anticipate witnessing breathtaking dunks, precision shooting, and strategic teamwork as the United States vies for Olympic gold, aiming to continue its legacy as a basketball powerhouse.

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