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Friday, September 29, 2023
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Aaron Rodgers mocked by fans after losing to Lions 

By the end of the 2022 season, Rex Grossman and Aaron Rodgers will both have appeared in as many Super Bowls over their respective careers. 

That’s due to the fact that the Green Bay Packers squandered their chance to secure a postseason spot by shocking the Detroit Lions 20-16 on Sunday at Lambeau Field. To transform a 4-8 season start into a five-game winning streak and postseason appearance, the Packers only needed to protect home-field advantage, but the Lions had other plans and played spoiler. 

The Seattle Seahawks are the NFC postseason bracket’s seventh and final seed as a consequence.

The offence of Green Bay was largely to be blamed for the loss since it frequently missed scoring opportunities and because Aaron Rodgers threw a crucial interception in the final minutes. Aidan Hutchinson was difficult for the offensive line to stop, the team frequently committed mistakes at bad times, and the rushing offence never really took off. 

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Because Seattle’s overtime victory over the Los Angeles Rams had already eliminated the Lions, the onus was entirely on the visiting team. And, at least offensively, the Packers performed accordingly. 

In a first half that saw Aaron Jones lose a fumble and attempt a failed fourth down, Green Bay only scored three field goals. Not much changed when a drive stalled once more and Mason Crosby missed a field goal by hitting the crossbar to open the second half. 

Rodgers never touched the ball again after throwing a dreadful interception to Kerby Joseph.

Fan reaction to Rodgers 


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Fans have posted a video of Aaron Rodgers being mocked in his post game interviews. Inappropriate noises were added to the Twitter video making fun of the player losing the game against his opponents. 

His opposing team, the Lions, responded to the tweet with “We kept the receipts.” The Lions then were congratulated for winning the Super Bowl. This is of course a sarcastic response as the Lions have not won the Super Bowl since 1991 and are dubbed as the “longest postseason win drought.” 

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Fans were agreeing with the mockery that is happening to Aaron Rogers as they feel that he deserves it after his time on the field. Fans also hope that he learns his lesson to be more humble when being interviewed next time as he might definitely be badly beaten as he did in this match again. 

Others claimed that he is obnoxious and cannot wait until he transfers to another team. Fans also stated that he should’ve retired five years ago. 

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